Spread of Islam in ancient Africa: Part One


AFTER the death of Prophet Muhammad, Islam continued to spread beyond the borders of Arabia.
Very quickly, Islam’s influence reached as far as Damascus in Syria, Babylon in Iraq, Egypt, North Africa and India. Basically, the black and mixed race people of the known world who had lost their kingdoms to Alexander and then the Greeks and Romans, had now found empowerment in the Quran and had begun to rise against their white oppressors.
In Ethiopia, Islam was also thriving and the initial years were characterised with peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Christians in those lands.
However, the Roman Catholic Church would eventually exploit their relationship with Ethiopia which was based on Christianity and cause enmity between them and their kinsmen in Arabia.
Saba in Yemen was a brother kingdom to the Axumite kingdom and had maintained strong relations with Axum until these religious wars began.
The Sabaeans were descendants of Solomon who had taken up Islam and made alliances with the Arabians.
On the other hand, the Axumites were descendants of Solomon who had taken up Christianity and made alliances with Romans.
The founder of the Zha dynasty of West Africa was a Sabaean called Zha al Yaman (Yemen) and the Mandingo clan which descended from the Zha kings was the one which eventually accepted and instituted Islam in that area.
Thus the clash between Christianity and Islam was a fight over the souls of mankind.
When the black people of the world finally regained the dominion and territories on earth, it was Islam that had been the most direct agent of change.
The oldest reference to Africa is in the Bible where the land from southern Africa to Syria is known as Eden.
Eden had four rivers, the first one was Pishon which was in southern Africa where there is plenty of gold as written in the Bible.
The second river was the Nile which cuts through the whole land of Cush.
The third and fourth rivers were Euphrates and Tigris which reach the lands of Syria and Iraq.
The Grden of Paradise was in modern day Southern Africa and this was known by the Muslims for a long time.
Kemet was another ancient name of Africa which had its roots in the name ‘Ham’. Ham was a son of Noah and most blacks in Africa and India are described as Hamatic because they are the descendants of Ham.
Kemet was extremely large and encompassed the whole of Africa, Arabia, India and America.
The ancient blacks travelled regularly to the America’s and a major city of Kemet which was known as Memphis was actually in modern day North America.
The land known as Egypt today was then known as Mesrim after a son of Ham who had been allocated that land.
In Mesrim, there was a notable hill and area known as Hakupatah and from that name, the Greeks later named the land Egypt.
In the period of the Greeks, the name for the lands encompassing Africa, Arabia and India was Ethiopia.
The word ‘ethiop’ was Greek for ‘burnt faces’.
This was the way in which the Greeks referred to black people.
The likes of Zeus who were great ancestors of the Greeks were Ethiops and all the Greeks of today have been confirmed to have very recent African ancestry stretching no further than 4 000 years ago.
When the Romans gained world dominion, there was a Roman general named Scopio Africanus.
Africanus had a landscape in North Africa which was named after him and thus when the Romans and other Europeans were entering our lands, they called it Africa after the landscape named after Scopio’s last name.
Africa at some point in time was once known as Al Kebalon and there were ancient maps which were used by the Muslims of that time which in this time would appear upside down.
That is to say, the world map that had been drawn up by the ancient blacks shows the land of Africa at the top and Europe at the very bottom of the map.
There is no historical or scientific justification as to why the Europeans placed Africa at the bottom and themselves on the top.
The model map that the Europeans used to create the modern day map was originally made by a black Moroccan Muslim called Al Idrisi.
It was one such map which showed Africa at the top and not at the bottom.
The ‘North dominates the South’ system which is still used by whites today was a deliberate fabrication of history.
Until today there are maps of ancient Africa which even contain the lands of modern day America.
This shows that blacks knew about the America’s long before the white people’s claim of Columbus discovering the America’s.
When Columbus got to America there were already blacks who had been living there for thousands of years.
The ancient maps also show that the blacks knew that the earth was spherical and not flat.
It was the whites who were amazed by such knowledge which had been deemed as general knowledge by the ancient blacks for a long time.
Their maps were not simply geographical in nature, but they also contained legends in drawings.
For example, there are several ancient maps which contain Buddhist philosophy which was adopted by the Muslims.
This was because the civilisation of the ancient blacks of Asia had been one of the main subjects and curriculum contents in these times of Muslim conquest.
The Buddha and his people were blacks and thus their history and achievements were very important in the rebuilding of the black empire.
Since the time of Alexander, the blacks had lost world dominion to the whites and to recover their literature, history and science, the Muslim scholars researched and translated a lot of Greek and Asian books into Arabic.
The Greeks had stolen and taken custody of the ancient world knowledge and it was the Muslims that reintroduced and conserved the mathematics and sciences of the ancient world and passed them down to our current era.
One interesting legend recorded in many ancient world maps is the depiction of monster like and sickly beings that can be found on the western most part of the world.
They seem to be under the earth and in an underworld (hell).
Their number increases heading towards Europe.
As mentioned earlier, Europe was at the bottom and modern day Africa was at the top.
The United Kingdom (UK) was then known as the ends of the earth and till today, when the Libyans and Egyptians are heading towards Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, they say they are heading downwards.


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