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ZIMBABWE, in recent weeks, has been rocked by violent demonstrations, mainly by MDC-T, Zimbabwe People First supporters and the ‘civil’ society, in a bid to effect regime change.
A spate of clashes spread on the streets of Harare as the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) fought running battles with violent protesters who hurled stones at law enforcement agents, set tyres ablaze, burnt a ZRP and a ZBC vehicle, while some razed to the ground the popular Copacabana flea market in the central business district (CBD).
They looted shops including one of the chain supermarkets Choppies and attacked innocent citizens, in the mayhem.
‘Managed Change Formula’
It is important to note that what is happening now is exactly what happened between 2007 and 2008 under ‘Save Zimbabwe Campaign’, then led by Dewa Mavhinga.
It is a repeat of the regime change agenda coined ‘Managed Change Formula’ by the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Managed Change Formula is a pre-programmed series of co-ordinated events taking place in different parts of the world, but timed to happen as part of a series with one event designed to influence the decisions of the next event and so on.
On March 5 2007, the ICG published a report titled Zimbabwe: An end to stalemate which claimed that a solution to the problem of Zimbabwe had been found as an agreement had been reached between the democrats of MDC and the moderates of ZANU PF to form an interim government.
In its report, long before people knew, the ICG, purported to be an intelligence supplier to Western governments documented that, ‘ZANU PF would negotiate with the MDC on a constitutional framework, power-sharing agreement, detailed agenda and benchmarks for a two-year political transition beginning in March 2008’.
And exactly six days later, there was violence as MDC senior party officials like Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa deliberately provoked the ZRP in order to be restrained physically.
The violence was timed to influence a meeting organised by the British Parliament to discuss the ‘Zimbabwean issue’.
Again, it was to influence the March 23 2007 US Congress meeting on Zimbabwe.
It is at the US Congress meeting where Dr Douglas Gwatidzo, who was chairperson of the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights; the same doctor who treated Tsvangirai, Chamisa and other MDC officials, gave an exaggerated medical report on the extent of the injuries.
In his accounts Dr Gwatidzo admitted to having been warned in advance to prepare to receive and treat injured people prior to the violence.
However, the climax was on March 28 2007, at a British sponsored hearing on Zimbabwe in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) where Britain called for Chapter Seven sanctions and Zimbabwe only survived the sanctions because China and Russia used their veto.
In events strikingly similar to the repetitive cycle of violence in 2007, the current disturbances, however, came at a time the MDC-T has reached a dead end and all opposition political parties on the table have no chance of winning elections.
After all failed attempts to give Tsvangirai and MDC countless political make-overs, US and the West ‘went shopping’ for a new face and voice with the same message (regime change).
The latest protests come nearly two months after a ‘stay-away’ advocated by a social media movement #ThisFlag led by one Pastor Evan Mawarire.
Enter Mawarire
Pastor Mawarire was barely known beyond his small congregation in Harare when he posted a ‘scripted video’ on the internet in April calling for Zimbabweans to ‘shutdown’ the country.
As part of his training to what he is doing now, Mawarire and his wife Samantha were in London, England, between 2007 and 2011 disguised as directors of church-cum companies His Generation Ministries and World Changers Limited respectively.
After his initial training he was despatched back to Zimbabwe in 2011 and set up his own church called ‘His Generation’ that has a congregation of about 50 – again another cover-up.
The narrative used to describe Pastor Mawarire as a simple pastor who came out of nowhere is not by coincidence.
And Mawarire is not a political accident who emerged as the voice of the voiceless Zimbabweans who took his creativity to the social media.
As part of further training, Mawarire had to undergo leadership development training.
In The Patriot of August 19-25 2016, a story headlined ‘Mawarire: Con artist or activist’ highlights that upon his return from Britain in 2011, Mawarire underwent some sort of leadership-development training, attending the Toastmasters International (TI) sessions.
Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills.
It offers a programme of communication and leadership projects designed to help people learn the art of speaking, listening and thinking.
After about 10 years of training, he knew exactly what to say, to ‘move’ the Nation.
Besides, he had a ‘good’ background; serving as child president in Zimbabwe between 1993 and 1994 after having been elected child MP for Mashonaland West Province’s Hurungwe constituency.
In 2011, he was chosen one of Zimbabwe’s 10 Outstanding Young People by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) for moral leadership.
The JCI is an American non-governmental organisation (NGO) of young people between 18 and 40 years old.
It’s supposed to encourage youths to be responsible citizens and to participate in efforts towards social and economic development and international co-operation, good-will and understanding.
Pre-meditated violence
Prior to the violent protests, international media was deployed to cover every form of violence against these groups for distribution to the rest of the world.
Last week’s protests were designed to damage the image of President Robert Mugabe at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) VI summit in Kenya and at the 36th Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit in Swaziland.
The protests were designed to influence SADC to have Zimbabwe on their agenda.
It is our reading that the climax could be slated for the UN Security Council meeting running concurrently with the General Assembly to be held next month in New York, US.
Mawarire’s arrest was well orchestrated.
He wanted to be arrested and the ZRP unwittingly played right into his hands.
He became the ‘victim’.
And the huge crowds that gathered at the Harare Rotten Row Magistrates’ Courts during his hearing were all staged to strengthen his profile.
He now had an excuse to leave the country and go to South Africa; first to garner support of fellow Africans, before travelling to US to mobilise support of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora sympathetic to opposition parties.
And the timing was also calculated.
Mawarire had to be in the US for at least a month, touring most strategic American states while mobilising support for demonstrations at the UN General Assembly in New York from September 17-21 2016 because President Mugabe will be attending the meeting.
Upon his arrival in the US, Mawarire visited different cities including Atlanta, Washington DC and Dallas.
He met with US personalities including former congressman Ambassador Andrew Jackson Young from Georgia.
Ambassador Young once served as the United States Ambassador to United Nations.
While in Washington DC, Mawarire had to put up a little drama as he wept while addressing a seminar at the Atlantic Council think tank.
The Patriot can reveal that Mawarire plans to stage the protests daily, with Saturday and Wednesday as the major days.
On Saturday September 17, protests will be at the Zimbabwe Consulate offices from 12pm to 4pm ‘to raise awareness to the world all over’.
“Saturday’s demo is mainly to raise awareness to the world all over,” said one of the organisers, Moses Mafusire, on facebook page North America #Thisflag.
“Protesting kuUN headquarters is a little complicated because security is tight, so our message might not be heard easily and second, there will be other protestors from different countries protesting about their issues, so we will be sharing attention.
“So on Saturday, we will be at the Zim UN offices, so the attention is focused on us and our objective to raise awareness is easily executed.”
Another organiser of the demonstrations, Chiwoniso Mpofu, urged protesters to come mainly on September 21 to ‘heckle’ President Mugabe as he gives his address to the General Assembly.
“Wednesday 21 is very important because this is the day Mugabe is going to give his speech and address the GA,” she said.
“It will be great if those who can attend during the week to come on Wednesday 21 and confront him.
“We won’t be able to see him, but while he talks we will be talking too.”
For the march, the organisers are yet to secure permits for various areas between Union Square, the Palace Hotel and the Zim Consulate buildings.
Apparently shuttle buses are to ferry people from nearby areas such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Plainfield, White Plains and Iselin.
And accommodation is all in place for those travelling from Boston, Massachusetts, Virginia, Texas, Indiana, Philadelphia and Washington DC.
Some protestors are booked at The Courtyard Newark Downtown located at 858 Broad streel Newark NJ 07102 under the name ‘Zimbabwe Family Reunion Group’.
The organisers say they expect thousands of people to attend the demos and speakers include, Mawarire, Thomas Mapfumo, Dr Noah Manyika, Promise Mkwananzi of Tajamuka and Patson Dzamara.
Dr Manyika is the founder of ‘Build Zimbabwe’, an organisation opposed to ZANU PF.
Again the New York demonstrations are designed to ensure Zimbabwe is discussed at the Security Council and Chapter seven sanctions is enacted.
Concurrently back home, the protests will gain momentum.
They are planning on increasing the violent protests from once a week, to twice or thrice a week.
Protestors will continue to provoke the ZRP for clashes as the pictures will legitimise their claims of ‘gross human rights abuses’ in Zimbabwe at the international platform.
They want the UN to intervene under the pretext that the country is now a threat to international peace and security.
They are willing to go to any length to have Zimbabwe on the agenda.
On August 10 2016, at an Itai Dzamara-organised demonstration, demonstrators tried to use children as ‘human shields’.
Innocent children, flowers in hand, were put at the front to confront ZRP officers.
The protestors were hoping ZRP would beat or disperse the children with teargas and water cannons and have the pictures all over the world with headlines screaming ‘Gross human rights abuses’, but their efforts were in vain.
Riot police neither attacked the children nor adult protestors who had no police clearance, a prerequisite to hold a demonstration.
Could it be that opposition forces are becoming desperate by the day?
NERA: Another Save Zimbabwe campaign?
One thing the opposition is good at is re-inventing itself into coalitions or alliances by a variety of names.
National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) is just like the 2007 Save Zimbabwe Campaign that brought together most opposition political parties and major civil society organisations with the agenda of ousting President Mugabe from power.
Opposition parties that had become irrelevant have suddenly found their voices.
Mawarire’s call to remove a democratically elected Government presented them with an opportunity to become relevant.
They are well aware they are not capable of winning any elections hence their resorting to violence.
Opposition parties are thriving on violence.
They have nothing to lose in promoting the violence and in fact, it is only violence that gives them political relevance.
Who can explain why NERA, formed in December 2015, is suddenly active after eight months of hibernation?
Suddenly, from not more than five political party signatures since December to June 2016 to 22 political party signatures in just a month?
Is there a third force behind?
They have been told to join hands for what they call the ‘greater good’ of removing President Mugabe and ZANU PF from power.
While Mawarire is garnering for support from the West and the US, these opposition parties will continue to cause havoc in the country.
They have called for another demonstration (today) and hope innocent citizens get seriously injured or die in the process.
No wonder the false social media message that a soldier had stoned a boy to death last week Friday.
This is what agents of regime change want.
They are not worried about the safety of citizens, let alone the needs of citizens.
They do not care that the so-called ‘Arab spring’ did not bring any good summer to countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and much worse Libya.
Prior to 2011, Muammar Gaddafi had turned Libya into Africa’s most progressive welfare state.
Libya had the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita and highest life expectancy in Africa.
Less people lived below the poverty datum line than in The Netherlands.
It boasted free healthcare, education and numerous subsidies to support the well-being of the Libyan people
But look at what happened to Libya after the US/NATO interventionism.
It is now a failed state in complete political anarchy, with a destroyed economy and a war-torn society.
Libya does not have a functioning government, control of its borders or basic public services.
It’s being torn apart by warlords and rival militant groups.
Leaked emails for investigation of US Hillary Clinton’s server scandal revealed that the war against Libya was waged for economic and political reasons.
Libya’s nationalised oil reserves and plans to use gold as the chief reserve currency in Africa to compete against the euro and US dollar threatened US capitalist penetration in Africa.
It was never about the Libyans and in Zimbabwe it is still not about Zimbabwean interests.
It is well documented that Zimbabwe is endowed with vast minerals.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has assessed that Zimbabwe is the richest country in terms of natural resources per person.
What is currently happening in Zimbabwe is a push towards a war to loot the country’s natural resources and leave Zimbabwe a destroyed state, just like Libya.
That is the real story behind these so-called demonstrations.


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