Students must concentrate on learning


EDITOR — I am a student at one of the universities in the country but I am very worried about what is happening at these institutions of higher learning.
Recently there was that discredited ‘man of God’ Evan Mawarire trying to incite University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students to turn against the Government and he almost succeeded.
It was also around that time that Professor Arthur Mutambara, who gained notoriety for fighting the Government, launched his book that primarily talks about his days as a students’ leader at UZ.
Surely the timing of these two shocking events could not have been mere coincidence.
Something is brewing and I believe it is targeted at students.
There is a sad reality of the situation of students at universities.
The truth is that these kids are vulnerable due to the prevailing harsh economic environment.
This bodes well for those attempting to use and abuse these students as they need food.
This is where Government should step up efforts to support students through the re-introduction of grants and other initiatives that can cushion these students from prowling vultures.
Those who come to incite students do so for personal gain.
It has nothing to do with advocating students’ rights — those are protected by the Government.
It is my hope that the authorities take heed of the impending trouble at universities and take measures to fend off the potential threats now at our doorstep.
Students must concentrate on learning and gaining skills that are crucial in developing their country.


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