I HAVE always said, and will continue stating, that women in Zimbabwe are our pride and they are priceless.

Everyday we celebrate our women and wait for no particular day to do so.

This week we celebrate our Lady Chevrons for their stellar performance, characterised by a 100 percent victory record in the recent International Cricket Council (ICC) Women T20 World Cup Africa Qualifiers tournament in Botswana.  

These beautiful and talented ladies have done us proud and given us something to smile about.

We do not take for granted their achievement.

It is heartwarming to know that all our girls in the team are high perfomers.

According to the coach, it is a balanced side which is good to go.

Thus, we are set for good times ahead.

Our sport has not always done well and we relish these superb performances.

Contrary to Western belief that Africans oppress their women, women feature prominently in our lives, playing and assuming significant and important roles in our day-to-day activities.
We dislodged colonialism with the help of our women.

And, in the sporting arena, we are happy when our women continue to show the world that we are a capable people.

Our Lady Chevrons are clear about what they want to achieve and are proving relentless in their pursuit of their goals.
Achievers always set clear objectives and our women in cricket are showing impressive commitment to their game.

It is imperative that, as a nation, we rally behind them and give them all the support they require to qualify for the world game.

Their performance is evidence that, in driving our nation forward, our women do not go into it half-heartedly, as an afterthought, but with mind and spirit together.

They are proving to be daring leaders who boldly leap across the divide.

Their skills have become invaluable to a nation that is boldly developing and making huge strides towards a prosperous and brighter future.

By promoting and extolling the dreams, desires and wishes of our women, we perpetuate and promote sustainable development.

It is commendable that, as a nation, we have not left our women behind in our development agenda as we ideologically and intellectually engage the enemy we beat on the battlefield.

While we have been forced to mourn in some circles, our women cricketers have made sure that we celebrate.

Even the boys are not doing so bad.

Currently on tour, the Chevrons have also notched some victories worth celebrating.

Players like Wesley Madhevere, who was only four years old in 2004, the year cricket in Zimbabwe took another twist and made headlines in the world, has grown into a formidable player today.

It is not easy to taste victory but, when it comes, it is through hard work.

And we would like to urge our cricketers, both male and female, to continue working hard and making the nation proud.

Sport is one of the biggest unifiers in the world and victories are known to boost the development of nations.

A happy people easily thrive in all arenas of life. 


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