The all-inclusive Zim can’t be stopped


POWERFUL nations are built on visions.
They are founded on sound goals and objectives.
These goals and objectives have to be realistic and tenable.
They must create an economy in which everyone is an active participant.
An economy in which every citizen has a stake.
An economy in which everyone enjoys a piece of the cake as a stakeholder.
A nation’s vision must incorporate the ideals and values of every citizen but most importantly, those of the nation.
But in all this, we never forget the past.
We draw from our history the energy and sustenance for the present and the future.
In the case of Zimbabwe, it is the history of the liberation struggle that must form the basis of our vision.
Significantly, that has been the case.
President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has come up with Vision 2030.
He intends to make Zimbabwe a middle class economy by the time we reach that stage.
But I believe we will achieve that way before the set date.
We have the infrastructure and a solid support base to make that goal achievable in the shortest possible time.
Crucially, we have the willpower to embark on that path as one people.
We have gone through trying times in the past but have remained a united people.
And a united people we will remain.
No dastardly acts of cowardice will remove us from the path of progress.
Acts of cowardice are committed by those allergic to unity, peace and development.
Those who are stubbornly opposed to happiness and prosperity of our women, our children and the generality of the population.
They are opposed to the great strides being made by our farmers.
They are opposed to the artisanal miners who are contributing immensely to the growth and development of our economy.
They are opposed to those who are reviving closed mines and industries.
They are opposed to the empowerment that is set to visit women and youths through the recently launched Women Empowerment Bank.
Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, with peace loving people and it shall remain so.
Everyone must be involved in the rebuilding agenda.
Every Zimbabwean, local or abroad, has a critical role to play in the development agenda.
The first responsibility of every Zimbabwean, regardless of race, colour or creed, is to safeguard the motherland.
The ongoing economic revival efforts will not be stopped.
No force will retard our growth.
Zimbabwe will become a force to reckon with.


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