The ball is in our court


Indeed we have made demands as citizens, as ordinary men and women, as business people, as technocrats, as students, as workers and as aspiring this and that, but we also have obligations.

The success of this nation does not rest on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his cabinet.

It rests on all of us and there shall be no spectators in moving this country forward.

The liberation of Zimbabwe was not dependent on freedom fighters only.

Everyone contributed towards dislodging colonial rule and recovering our stolen resources.

And it was never Government alone that saw us fully regaining control of our land, because the people weighed in.

People came together to work together and that working together has spawned a success so phenomenal that it has inspired the continent. 

It is that coming together we demand again.

Everyone, in their own way, means, skills and expertise, must contribute towards the success that we desire.

Most importantly, we, the citizens, must be responsible.

Yes, we demand that Government supports us, but we must be responsible and make the best use of whatever support will be rendered.

Let us be fruitful and repay loans given us.

In simple terms, as much as we demand, so must we give back.

We all must put our hands on the plough and never look back.

It is sad that among us there are those still playing cheap politics at the expense of the greater good.

Mind you, no ministry is inferior just as there is no inferior citizen.

Ministries have been created not to inflate egos or empower individuals, but to serve the people.

Every ministry created is critical to the development of this country.

Are the eyes greater than the legs or hands more important than ears?

We believe in the wisdom that has created these ministries and chosen the ministers to head them.

We must be wary of the enemy, we must not allow him to distract us from our vision.

They can scream all they want and be malicious, but we will not lose focus of our mission.

We will not lose sleep over bitterness, which has resulted in grown men and women losing self-respect and hurling insults towards those, who have done no harm to anyone, against those whose crime has been nothing but to be chosen to serve.

Gone and way past is the victor and loser period.

We are now in a period, where every progressive Zimbabwean must be working for the greater good.

We have been favoured and blessed with abundant resources and we have been granted victory over our enemies, our erstwhile colonisers.

What more do we need besides our own initiatives, effort and determination to be a fruitful and thriving nation?

The ball is in our court.


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