The black Moors of Europe: Part Four


THE Moors were an African people and the word ‘moor’ literally means ‘black.’
These black people of Europe were popular among the whites because they brought with them commodities that had never been heard of in Europe.
Today black people who reside or visit Europe are derided upon and seen as drug dealers.
In the Moorish period, blacks were seen as sugar and coffee pushers. The whites treasured sugar above all things because it gave their malnourished bodies energy and for it they would sell all they could and even work as servants in order to acquire it.
Coffee too came by way of the Muslims and the name ‘coffee’ is derived from the Arabic word, ‘cohei.’
Sugar and coffee had at most been luxuries for Roman emperors and their nobles and had never made it to the rest of the Europeans until the time of the Moors.
The Moors defined nobility in Europe.
They dressed in silk and yet remained humble in conduct.
There were Moors who joined the whites and these would become the best generals and educators in the white nations after being baptised as Catholics.
It was also the Moors who introduced writing in many parts of Europe. Apart from Greek and Latin, there were no other forms of European writing until the time of the Moors.
Greek was, but a copy of the ancient Ethiopian alphabet of Ge’ez.
The Moors used Arabic as their official language but they made use of all others that were known to them.
Seeing that they were in Europe, the Moors took the Latin alphabet and created writings for the Spanish population of southern Europe.
This was also the case in Germany, Russia, England and Portugal.
All these countries owe the development of their literature and alphabets to the blacks who undertook this work in their lands.
Pushkin of Russia was a descendant of a black man called ‘Peter the Moor, the black and the African.’
Abraham Patrovich who was Pushkin’s maternal grandfather changed his name to Hannibal in memory of his great ancestor, the African military genius of ancient times.
The Moors would later also design the English alphabet and its grammatical structure.
The letters ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘e’, ‘f’, ‘h’, ‘j’, ‘l’, ‘m’, ‘q’, ‘r’, ‘s’ and the numbers ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘6’, ‘9’ all have their origins in Arabic.
Many of the English words are adopted from foreign languages like Latin and Arabic.
The Italian theologian credited with the beginning of the European Renaissance used the work of Moorish educators like Abarolas who had writings on faith and reason.
The likes of Plato and Aristotle were among the students of the Moors and the discoveries that are attributed to them came out of lessons learnt from the lectures given by the Moors.
The Barbarians were the people who used to believe that the world was flat, otherwise Africans, Asians, Greeks, Romans and other cultures had knowledge of the spherical nature of the earth since ancient times.
The history of the Barbarians is the history of the Caucasian white man. Seeing that the Moors were smooth skinned, the Barbarians began shaving.
The Moors had also brought oils with them to Europe because the cold would cause their skin to dry.
The whites would find this nourishing for the skin.
Soap had also been unknown to Europe until they got it from the Moors.
Most of these things that happened in Europe are known to many educated whites, but it is their objective to suppress the true history of blacks because it empowers us.
For 800 years blacks ruled whites in Europe and that is a period which is too long to forget or ignore.
Because the white people’s rise to power is directly linked with the suppression of the blacks, it is important for the whites to keep the blacks at the very bottom of the social hierarchy.
The whites admit that it is the Moors who civilised them, but they now portray these Moors as mixed race Arabs and not blacks.
The mixed race Arabs are no different to the mixed race Latino’s of South America.
They are mullato (mixed) races and Saddam Hussein would have been welcomed as a South American if he were to be born there because he would look similar to the likes of Hugo Chavez.
Some Moors had white concubines and their offspring were of mixed race.
This was a common and disturbing trend that occurred especially during the period of the first ruling dynasty of Moors which was known as the Umayyad.
From 710 CE, the year that the Muslims moved into Spain, up to around 1000 CE, this large Moorish kingdom was known as the Umayyad Empire.
At that time, Islam had a world government which was ruling from Damascus.
But around 1000 CE the Umayyad fell apart into smaller empires as a result of the wars that were fought by Muslims against the whites that are remembered as the Crusades.
The Umayyad dynasty had some mixed race people in it because it was mostly driven by Muslims who had come from the lands of Al Madina and Mecca, and also the Persians, Babylonians and Syrians of whom some had already become people of mixed race.
The dynasty which followed was not from Central Asia, but was from Africa and comprised of full blooded blacks who did not tolerate miscegenation and their sole reason for replacing the Umayyad was to retain the true way of Islam, which forbade marriage with the heathen and the infidels.
The area encompassing North Africa and Spain was then known as the Almoravid between 1000 and 1200 CE.
Sub-Saharan Africa had taken up Islam in the beginning of the 1st millennium.
This Islamic empire’s territory stretched from present day Senegal to present day Chad.
This region was named Ghana, Mali and then Songhai around the time Christopher Columbus went to America for the first time.
Along the shores of the Niger River arose a civilisation which eventually became the centre of civilisation in the Western world.
Its headquarters was in the city called Timbuktu which is in today’s Mali.
Another African dynasty known as the ‘Almohad’ would succeed the Almoravid and reign in Europe between 1200 and 1492.
The last two of the three Moorish dynasties were made up of full-blooded black people and the first one comprised many blacks as well.
During the Umayyad period, some Muslims had lost their way through lust for these loose Barbarian women who were immoral and caused some Muslims to commit haraam (forbidden acts).
The succeeding Moorish dynasties took preventative measures and imported black women from Africa who showed self-restraint and this limited temptation.


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