The black Moors of Europe: Part Two


YAHSHUA once prophesied, “The men of Damascus shall rise against this generation in judgment and condemn it, because they repented to the teachings of Jonah, and here is one greater than Jonah.”
What Yahshua meant was that the men of Damascus would accept the teachings of Christ on his second coming (in the form of Muhammad) because they had already accepted his ancestor Jonah.
This is the Jonah who, in the Bible, was swallowed by the whale.
Nineveh is Damascus. The rise of the Moors (black Muslims) and the positioning of their stronghold in Damascus of Syria is the fulfillment of this prophecy by Yahshua.
The Moors or black Muslims conquered the regions of Spain, Portugal and parts of southern France.
The sudden rise of blacks to world dominion had immense impact on the white nations of the Romans, Greeks, fake Jews and the Barbarians.
The white and mixed race followers of Judaism who were masquerading as Israelites and called themselves Jews had been centered in Babylon since 135 CE.
The Muslims were not barbaric in their warfare and governance.
They followed the way of the Quran and fought not only with devotion, but with instruction and purpose.
However, the white nations were as hostile against Islam then as they are now, because it blatantly empowers the blacks who the whites are trying to pin down.
As for the so-called Jews, there were two major migratory routes, one leading to Poland and Russia, and the other leading to southern European states like Spain.
The group that went north to Russia is now known as the Ashkenazi or Khazar branch, and the one which headed south is now known as the Sephardic branch of the Jewish community.
BY 740 CE this dispersal of the Jews from Babylon to the above mentioned places had been completed.
In Russia, a king would later on convert to Judaism and this led to the subsequent conversion of the whole nation of Russia to Judaism.
The Ashkenazi branch thus comprises of the descendants of the Jews from Babylon and for the most part, the descendants of the Russian converts to Judaism.
The Ashkenazi constitutes 80 percent of the Jewish community and the Sephardic Jews 20 percent.
Because of intermarriages with the people where they settled the Ashkenazi are now indistinguishable from the British and the Sephardic are indistinguishable from the Italians and Greeks.
Some of the Sephardic Jews are indistinguishable from the Arabs and were also referred to as morano (coloured) in that period.
These were probably the descendants of the Levites who intermarried with the Greeks in the days of Maccabeus as written in the Apocrypha.
Some of these Jewish morano are reported to have cooperated with the Muslims in the very beginning of the Moorish expeditions and helped them out with spying on the Europeans.
The reason why I also refer to these mixed race Israelites as fake Jews is because by Israelite law, an Israelite who joins himself with the nations of the heathen is to be cut off from his people.
In the days of Ezra, the Israelites expelled all the non-Israelite or non-black wives and mixed race children from amongst their people and this was a cleansing process which received much praise.
Northern Europe was still under-developed and the remains of the Roman Empire continued to shrink. The buildings and stadiums they had constructed were dismantled and the bricks were used by the common people to build their houses.
Hunger, famine, disease and malnutrition would abound in northern Europe for the greater part of the Moorish period.
The kings of the Barbarians lived in dwelling places that resembled barns because over and above accommodating the people they also accommodated livestock.
In 496 CE, a Frankish king named Clauvas converted to Catholicism.
He was formerly pagan and when he converted to Catholicism with his nation thus uniting the numerous Frankish tribes into one nation under him.
This Frankish king had come into power at 15 and converted to Catholicism at 30 after conquering the last Roman governor of Gall. Clauvas would become the founder of the Merovingian dynasty which the Davinci Code portrays as the bearers of Christ’s bloodline.
This goes to show the extent of European distortion of history and the scriptures because there is nothing more far-fetched than the above claim, which is undoubtedly false. France became the largest single white kingdom in Europe.
The Franks managed to withhold their nation from being completely conquered by the Moors under the reign of a ruler called Charles Martell.
Martell was given the money and resources to fight the Moors by the Roman Catholic church.
The Frankish kings were very barbaric and after they converted to Catholicism, they began practising their barbarity in the name of the church.
They went to war with other barbarian sects such as the Saxons and other Germanic tribes and they would kill anyone who was not a Catholic.
On one of their raids in 782 CE, the Franks executed 4 500 Barbarians by cutting off their heads with an axe for minor offences like refusing to be baptized, cremating instead of burying their dead, following other religions and disobeying the king.
The Frankish king of this period was called Charlemagne.
France emerges as a notable force only after the Roman Empire had faced many devastating blows from centuries earlier.
The first big blow was the coming of the barbarians and the splitting of the empire into two.
Around 542 CE when Emperor Justinian of eastern Rome was just beginning to re-conquer the western part of the empire, there followed another disaster which came in the form of the bubonic plague.
It led to the death of 25 percent to 50 percent of the Europeans and the demise of the east.
The plague was caused by rats which came by way of cargo from ships which docked on the eastern part of the Roman Empire.
From the period of the coming of the barbarians in the 400’s, to the fall of the Moors in Europe in 1492, this period of history is remembered as ‘the dark age of Europe’.
Throughout this time, the cities of the south flourished and the Northern Europeans were dazzled by what they saw in Moorish strongholds like Spain.
The reign of the Moors in Europe and the rest of the world is remembered as an age of enlightenment and prosperity. Next week we shall be looking at the achievements of the Moors in Europe.


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