The British want to hide their barbaric past


WHEN the British colonised our beautiful motherland Zimbabwe and other African countries, they arrogantly preached with their arms on their hips and their legs akimbo that they were the most civilised race on earth who had taught everyone else on the planet modern advancement and good religious practices.
The arch imperialist, Cecil John Rhodes himself put it more figuratively by saying the English or British were the ‘first race’ in the world and it was a great blessing for any other race in any part of the world to be conquered and colonised by them.
It is the aim of this article to show that the English had lied because they were once a barbaric race who were conquered and later civilised by other races.
Furthermore, that not only did the British practise a barbaric form of religion, they were beneficiaries of a religion – Christianity which is a descendant of African religion.
In this article when we talk of the British or English, we are referring to the tribes called, Celts and Anglo-Saxons who are the forefathers of these British people of today.
“When Greek travellers visited what is now Britain in the 4th century BC, they found an island settled by tall blond warriors.
“They were also referred to as Brythons (Britons).
“The religion of these people seems to have been a form of animism.
“They saw spirits everywhere – in rivers, trees, stones, fire and thunder.
“These spirits or gods controlled all aspects of existence and they had to be constantly satisfied.
“Priests called ‘Druids’ acted as intermediaries between the gods and the people, sometimes ritual dances were called for, sometimes even human sacrifices.”
The above Britons were invaded by other races.
“Beginning with an invasion led by Julius Caesar in 55 BC and culminating in one organised by the emperor Claudius about 100 years later, the Britons were finally conquered by the legions of Rome.”
It is the Romans who first brought civilisation to Britain which was unknown there.
“The Romans built a network of roads, great public baths, walls, villas etc.”
London as a matter of fact, was founded by the Romans and not the British.
However, due to troubles at home, the Romans left Britain only to be replaced by another barbaric tribe which joined the Britons to eventually create the British or the English of today.
The tribe – the Anglo-Saxons were a very barbaric race whose emphasis on life was warfare.
They plundered everything in their path.
It should therefore not surprise anyone today to see Britain and America who are ruled by descendants of these Anglo – Saxons having warfare as the centrepiece of their civilisation with the plundering of other races resources the order of the day.
Yes, the Anglo- Saxons religion was centred on warfare.
“The Anglo – Saxon religion with its warrior-gods presented a dark fatalistic religion.
“One of the most important of these warrior-gods was Odin, the god of death and magic Odin, could help humans communicate with spirits.
“Not surprisingly this god of death played an important role in the lives of people who maintained a brooding outlook on life.
“Then there was the Anglo-Saxons god named Thu or the god of thunder and lighting.
“His sign was the hammer and the twisted cross we call the Swastika today which is found on so many Anglo – Saxon gravestones.”
It is therefore very important to always remember that Adolf Hitler did not invent the Swastika when he used it as a symbol on his flags.
He borrowed it from the Anglo – Saxons who were specialists in warfare and death and Hitler was only following their example.
“Another significant figure in Anglo-Saxon religion is the dragon.
“The fiery dragon should be seen as both a personification of death the devourer and as the guardian of the grave mound in which, a warrior’s ashes and his treasure lay.”
From the above you can see that the religion of the Anglo-Saxon was centred on fighting, killing and death.
It should therefore not surprise anyone that a people such as the British where fiery dragons, thunder and death itself were worshipped ended up slaughtering other races around the world as they founded their colonies.
The barbaric British religion described above was eventually tempered by the introduction of Christianity.
“Irish and continental missionaries converted the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.
“Christianity provided them with a common system of morality and right conduct.”
But Christianity was not a Western religion.
The West had got this religion from Palestine.
And the Palestinian Jews had got that religion which was centred on one god from Africa, where they had stayed for between 400 and 500 years.
Historical studies show that the Jews adopted many cultural and religion practices from the Africans.
Take the issue of totems which is very common in Zimbabwe.
We are not far off to say for example, “Judah akazobva kuAfrica ava kuera Shumba.”
Just listen to this.
“In this country (Zimbabwe) every tribe has its totem.
“Judah had the lion as his totem.
“Ephraim had the bull – gono ren’ombe.”
Other Jewish tribes had totems similar to those of African tribes, e.g. the elephant, the buffalo, crocodile etc.
The belief in one God was given to the Jews by the Africans.
When Abraham first came to Africa he and his people were believers in many gods.
It was only having spent time in Africa that Abraham went back now with a new religion which believed in one God.
This religion later became ‘Judaism’ which later gave birth to Christianity.
This Christianity was the religion which the barbaric Anglo-Saxon tribe were converted to by the Irish.
Now when this tribe now known as the British colonialists later stood on the Zimbabwe plateau with their hands in their pockets and began boasting that they had brought Christianity to what they called a pagan people, due to their ignorance and racial arrogance, they did not realise that they were preaching a religion whose seed had been planted by the very Africans they were despising.
So don’t be lied to.
The British were a barbaric people who were civilised by other races and benefited from African religion which was later christened Christianity.


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