The European invasions of West Asia: Part Two


MANY of the whites who claim to be Jews admit they are not biblical Israelites, but are simply converts to Judaism.
Paternal (Y) DNA tests have proven that more than 45 percent of them have no historical link to Palestine or the region east of the Mediterranean.
Of the remaining 55 percent, only half of them have DNA linked to biblical Israelites such as Aaron.
The white Jews began a movement called Zionism in 1895 CE under Theodore Herzl.
The idea of white Jews finding a place to call their own nation began in 1897 CE, when the Jewish Revival Movement was held in Basel, Switzerland.
The Zionists sought to unite all partakers of Judaism and establish a national homeland in a place of their choosing.
Until 1897 CE, they were a Diaspora community with settlements all around Europe and the US.
The Zionists opted to go to Alaska, Uganda, Madagascar and other places, before they finally decided to go to Palestine.
The Zionists chose Palestine because of the religious significance of the land to the biblical Israelites, who most people wrongly assume these whites are.
By the time of the First World War, the white Jews had settled in several communities around Europe, including the Netherlands, England, US, France and Germany.
When these white Jews entered Germany, they became wealthy businesspeople who greatly participated in industry ownership.
The average Jew was wealthier that the average German and this was done through a sort of fraternity order that ensured the welfare of the Jewish communities.
The Jews never deposited their money in German banks, for example.
1n 1914 CE, Germany assisted neighbouring Austria –Hungary against Serbia after the Serbians had assassinated an Austrian leader and heir.
Russia allied with the European nations against Germany, and for this reason, the war should more appropriately be called a Pan-European rather than a ‘world war’. The only non-European nation was that of Turkey (Ottoman), but even it is located at the most western tip of Eurasia.
Germany was holding her ground well and the nations of Britain and France were going through economic depression.
At the peak of the war, unforeseen events began taking place at a faster pace than the Germans could fathom.
There was civil unrest because of strikes and there were also closures of weapon factories.
How can a soldier continue fighting without ammunition and how can a nation be strong when there is organised civil unrest?
Before the Germans knew it, they had been sold out and were forced to surrender. The people behind the sabotage which led to German’s loss were the Jews, who worked along with the Allies behind the back of the Germans.
The Jews were behind the workers’ union of Germany and they used their influence to turn against her host country.
As soon as Germany lost, the Jews helped the Allied states in downsizing some of Germany’s borders and parcelling the land to the Allied nations.
German colonies all over the world, including Namibia and Taiwan, were also taken over by the Allied nations.
This act of betrayal by the Jews, against Germany, was a clear act of treason.
The Germans were reduced to nothing, being commanded to pay war reparations and disarm.
From this point on, the Germans loathed the Jews and this was with understandable reason.
Adolf Hitler was not German, but Austrian.
To the Austrians, Germany was the mother country which they looked up to.
The Austrians shared the same sentiments towards the Jews because they too had lost when the Jews betrayed the Germans in the war.
When Hitler arrived in Germany, the nation was feeling humiliated and looking to save face.
The Nazi party was one of the many political parties and it had nothing at all to do with racism, but politics.
White Jewish propaganda says that the Nazi party was Hitler’s racist, pure Aryan anti-Semitic group.
This is false because evidence proves that the Nazi party was simply a political party which had been founded long before Hitler joined it.
Hitler was not a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man like the Germans, but he had dusky skin, black hair and a distinctively wooly mustache.
Hitler’s generation and that of the Eugenics era was by far separate from each other.
If the tenets of Eugenics were to be observed as was done in the late 19th Century, then Hitler would have been among the victims of extermination or sterilisation, because he was not Aryan.
The blaming of Europe’s gas chamber saga on Hitler, the Nazi party and Germany, was a case of the victor rewriting history.
Jewish propaganda clashes very much with historical evidence as we shall soon find out.
First, Hitler only addressed the issue of the Jews, not because he was anti-Semitic, but because it was in German’s best interests to take care of the traitors within their nation.
Hitler was democratically elected, both into the Nazi leadership and presidency.
Because he vowed to return Germany to prosperity, the white Jews were firmly against him from the beginning.
He reunited Germany and Austria-Hungary and promised to reclaim the land they had lost in the last war.
One of Hitler’s non-Aryan features was his dense voice which won him much adoration when he spoke.
When the Jews saw the influence that Hitler was having, they again began to form another conspiracy against Germany.
Hitler never resolved to kill any Jews, but to remove them from the land of Germany by way of expulsion.
He set up phases which included the moving of all Jews into segregated ghettos, supplying them with transitional work so as to cater for their livelihood and thereafter an organised migration of the Jews out of Germany.
Not one written order to exterminate Jews was found on Hitler or his generals before and after his death.
The claim that gas chambers were used against Jews was false because no such gases were found in Germany in that period.
The pictures that most people see when the Germans are portrayed as having killed Jews are actually pictures of corpses that were casualties of the war, most of whom were actually Germans.
The Jews were marked by the signature star that they use to symbolise Judaism. There were ghettos set up for Jews and at the end of the war, six million Jews were found accommodated in them, alive.
They were paid labourers and were supplied with food and protection by the Germans.
The only recorded death of Jews in numbers was due to starvation when Germany was losing the war and was unable to feed itself. At this point, the segregated Jewish ghettos succumbed to hunger.
Otherwise, the Jews were the single most protected group from the war because they were not required to fight.
This of course is not what we are taught at school and that is because Jewish propaganda has overtaken historical fact.
When the Allied troops became victorious, the number of Jews who were initially reported dead were about 100 000.
Within a week, the number had doubled.
In the end, the figure ‘six million’ dead was the one which was thrown around in the media under the fictitious claim of a genocide which they called ‘Holocaust’.
The Jews are very crafty and abuse the legacy of the biblical Israelites by using Western religious groups like Christians to settle their scores.
In the case of Hitler, the Jews would ransom this largely exaggerated experience of the holocaust so as to gain sympathy from the United Nations member states and use it to legalise their colonising of Palestine.
The demonisation of Hitler has caused the emergence of extreme racists intolerant of non-whites, especially blacks.
The Nazi party is now used as a racist society.
Hitler was not racist at all as he collaborated with Japan during the war while fighting all white nations.


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