The guilty are afraid


THE vanishing of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) from their Zimbabwe offices should be able to shed more light on the gravity of the recent destructive countrywide shutdown.

It is common knowledge that the CiZC were the principal coordinators in the planning and execution of the January 14-16 putsch.

A novel by James Hadley Chase titled The Guilty are Afraid aptly describes the behaviour of the CiZC as demonstrated by their unceremonious departure from their offices.

We won’t be fooled into accepting any red herring being thrown around.

The uprising was not a spontaneous response to the fuel price adjustment, as the conspirators would like the world to believe.

Rather, it was a treasonous attempt to remove an elected President by making the country ungovernable.

And it looks like these nihilists will stop at nothing in their effort to achieve this unholy objective.

This is the agenda declared by the MDC Alliance.

They made it abundantly clear that unless Nelson Chamisa became the country’s president, nothing would ever work (kudira jecha).

And the CiZC, which is supervised by US institutions including the United States Institute for Peace, bestowed on itself the lead role in the treacherous campaign.

To their dismay, they failed to achieve their objective.

Mr Chamisa’s hopes of becoming the national president remain forlorn

In retrospect, it looks like the putsch had been well prepared and the plotters were confident of success.

Failure has suddenly made them realise the criminal nature of their endeavours.

The idea of seeing themselves losing the lucrative donor funds, while rotting in jail, has forced them to leave the country in haste and relocate to South Africa. 

But we should not see the relocation of the fugitive CiZC to South Africa as the end of their intrusion into the internal affairs of our country.

They still have their affiliates around and their mischievous intents are still very much alive. 

For this is a regime change outfit that will never take defeat lying down. 

No doubt, the idea of smearing the security forces as a ragtag army bent on raping and ill-treating the people they are supposed to protect is the brainchild of CiZC.

Fictitious stories of people who have been murdered or raped are being spread and readily accepted and circulated by Western media, social media and, regrettably, sections of our own local media.

President Mnangagwa has even challenged those who have been raped or whose relatives have been killed to come forward with evidence.

Instead, we hear of people pronounced dead by regime change NGOs with similar motives to CiZC appearing in court, very much alive.

A local daily carried this story earlier this week.

On the same day, another local daily had a screaming headline questioning why SADC and the AU were not acting on these fictitious stories peddled by NGOs. 

It is prudent for the Government to realise that while the CiZC had decided to abandon shop locally, it is still extremely very lethal.

That it will continue to attract donor funding through clandestine regime change programmes is a given. 

However, they are soon likely to be frozen in their tracks through exposure of their shenanigans. 

Eventually, CiZC might soon find themselves in the same graveyard with Casals and Associates, Goal Zimbabwe and Concern WorldWide.


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