The Hebrew-Israelite Americans: Part Three … Ben Ammi lived to see the success of his mission


BEN Ammi argued that when an African-American goes to Africa, he is simply known as an African. Africa is a continent not a nation.
From 1966 he began prophesying that through him, God would lead a faction of the black-Americans to Israel.
He described this as the ultimate victory when the God of their forefathers would be their King.
By this he meant that they shall have a nation and a government of men and women who are led by God through his laws and ordinances.
This was fulfilled approximately a decade later, when the Hebrew-Israelite Americans established their own nation in Israel of 1977.
A group of black-American families, couples and singles who had accepted Ben Ammi’s message raised funds and flew to Israel in a well-organised way.
They chose to reside in a place called ‘Demona’ where they are located to this day.
Ben Ammi named their nation ‘The Kingdom of YAH’ and ‘The Kingdom of God on earth’.
These pioneers have multiplied since and more than a thousand children have been born to the Hebrew-Israelite Americans in that land.
Their community is vegan and vegetarian.
Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are strictly forbidden.
They practise polygamy and men can marry as many as four wives.
Promiscuity, prostitution, homosexuality and all forms of perversion are strictly forbidden.
Premarital sex and miscegenation are also prohibited.
The Hebrew-Israelite Americans live a plain lifestyle with a healthy diet and plenty exercise.
They have no cases of the chronic diseases that are rampant in America, e.g. heart disease and cancer. Today the 50-year-olds of the Kingdom of YAH are in shape and look half their age.
They believe in living healthy, never getting sick, and never dying.
The men in the Kingdom of YAH refer to each other as ‘saint’, and the women address their men as ‘lord’. They practise a pure form of Israelite culture that is not tainted by Rabbinic or Talmudic interpretation.
They have their own schools and their official languages are Hebrew and English.
Both the teachers and the students are black.
There are also numerous black businesses which sell products made by the black-American Israelites. Ben Ammi taught his people self-sufficiency and hard work which they emulate to this day.
The citizens of the Kingdom of YAH feel that their current location is a safer and less stressful than America.
This is because they now control their way of life and their destiny.
In the first years of their occupation, the white Jewish population was very much against them.
Many of these whites had never heard of Israelites being black.
Others related the story of the black-American Israelites to the story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and they made fun of them.
There were also others who were suspicious of them because they had their own government which had nothing to do with the Zionist government.
The Jewish Rabbis did not accept them and thus they were not granted citizenship status in Israel by the white government.
The black Americans found it hypocritical for the Zionist government to recognise the Ethiopian Falasha population and the Russian Khazar population when it was the black-American’s history that evidently matched the prophesies of the Bible.
The race of Israel as written in the Bible will be a helpless, scattered and lost people in the latter days, not colonisers and world powers as is the case with these whites who pretend to be Israelites.
It was an unfortunate event that softened their bad relations with the white Jews.
Israel was established inside Palestine and the Palestinians are constantly fighting against the white settlers with the hope of regaining their land.
On one occasion, a black-American Israelite was killed in one such attack while attending an event with white Jews.
This particular man was said to be the first male child to be born after the black Americans immigrated to that land.
After this sad incident, the restrictions against the black-American Israelites were lessened.
In 2003, they were given permanent residence and social security.
These could eventually be turned into citizenship.
However, there were conditions to these grants.
Every child in the Kingdom of YAH would be forced to enroll in the Israeli army for a set period of time. Without their leader Ben Ammi, they were left with no choice, but to yield to this unalterable offer.
The Zionist regime has many enemies in the region of Central Asia, the Middle East and beyond.
The condition these blacks were forced to accept were grave on their hearts.
The children stated that they did not conform to war, but had no choice in the matter for they feared being driven out.
Others said that since they are now in Israel, they will do whatever it takes to stay there until God sends another Saviour to bring forth the rest of the black Hebrew-Israelites to Israel and to make an end of their enemies.
The Hebrew-Israelite Americans believe that God raises men to become deliverers known as Saviours. Such were prophets like Moses, Yashua, Muhammad and even recent ones like Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and Ben Ammi.
Ben Ammi eventually passed away after the turn of the millennium, but he had lived to see the success of his mission.
It is important to note that Ben Ammi also travelled to African nations like Ghana, making attempts to form ties of brotherhood with fellow African nations.
Nowadays, the Hebrew-Israelite Americans are a humble community with a simple lifestyle.
Each family has an average of 10 children and their houses are highly populated.
There are so many children that they eat in canteens as opposed to eating in their households.
They live very communal lives and are happy though their access to water and electricity could do with some improvement.
The society is run by men called counselor Princes who approve marriages and judge disputes among other things.
There are still several Hebrew-Israelite Americans who continue to keep ties with the African-American community.
They are also in search of other black Israelite groups around the world.
Before passing away, Ben Ammi had written numerous books on various issues including morality, health, history and law.
These were to supplement the Bible and the Quran; the books he had recommended his people to make use of as guidelines to the appropriate lifestyle.
Ben Ammi quoted a prophecy which said that the end result after the return of Jacob’s descendants to Israel and to the way of their forefathers will be God’s vengeance upon their enemies who had been oppressing them.
Thus the Hebrew-Israelite Americans are now patiently awaiting these events to take place as they were prophesied in the Bible.


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