The invasion of the Americas: Part Four


WITH the introduction of alcohol to the American Indians came dark episodes of American history when the Indians were tricked off their lands.
The white settlers deliberately overpriced the rum and whiskey so that the Indians would end up owing.
To recover the debts, the whites took away the land of the Indians.
Many American Indians were shipped to Europe as slaves.
In slave markets such as Seville, Spain, these American Indians were classified as ‘Negroes’.
The Jews were based at Newport where they set up distilleries of rum and whiskey. Initially this was to trade with the Indians, but later on the rum and whiskey would be used to stock vessels plying the transatlantic slave trade routes.
The port in Newport would become a major trading and docking point and for sometime it would be branded ‘The Jewish Newport World Centre Slave Conference’.
Slavery became a sensitive issue among Christian whites after King James of England translated the Holy Bible into English.
The message of the Bible had been hidden from most of the whites all this time because only the Latin Bible was allowed. After the Moorish period, all Arabic Bibles were burnt and outlawed. King James of England was the first to succeed in translating the Bible into another European language and this greatly empowered his kingdom.
The issue on slavery was looked upon negatively in principle but on the ground the colonists were in dire need of labour.
When these whites who masqueraded as Jews were in Babylon 1 000 years before, they fabricated lies against the true Israelites who had been captives in Babylon. They attributed the curse of Canaan to the black race and portrayed blackness as the curse.
The Jews use the Babylonian Talmud as their book of guidance and it was in this blasphemous book that the blacks were written down as a cursed race.
I will quote some of the statements that are recorded in the Talmud.
“Because Ham looked at Noah’s nakedness at night, the black race was given black skin, kinky hair and red eyes.”
On another part it is written, “Because Ham stared upon his father’s nakedness, the black race was given big eyes and big sexual organs.”
There are worse bizarre statements such as these that were used in the Babylonian times to enslave blacks by the Jews.
When the issue of slavery was raised in 1661, it was a list of Jewish names that fought for its legalisation.
These included Sandiford, Lay, Woolman, Solomon and Benezet.
The Europeans needed something to spare their guilt when it came to the enslavement of blacks. The motto of the slavery abolitionists was, “Am I not a man and brother?”
The other groups which were for slavery claimed along with the Jews that blacks were only two fifths human and thus could be reduced to servitude.
The Catholic Church would claim that blacks were heathens and thus slavery on the heathen should not be measured up to slavery on fellow Christians.
The combinations of these negative ideas on blacks that were made up solely to clear the conscience of whites on the issue of slavery led to the classification of the black man as a sub human because as supposed Christians, they could not exercise slavery on an equal human being.
The Negro Act was passed and slavery became legal.
The Negro Act classified blacks as two fifths human till as late as the 1960s.
It forbade blacks from reading (particularly the Bible) and it stripped them of the basic rights of a citizen.
Even the type of slavery that was applied on the blacks was not that of human servitude as we know it, but chartered slavery which was no different from enslaving an animal. The black man could be branded, sold and used as property under the Negro Act.The Jews had now succeeded in dehumanising the image of blacks and legalising slavery in America.
They now had to meet the demand of slaves particularly in the southern states which were in need of labour for manpower, field clearing, construction of dwellings, harvesting of crop and so on.
Rice, cotton, tobacco and sugar cane were being grown in these regions.
A group of Jews settled in Charleston of South Carolina.
They opened distilleries of rum and whiskey just as the ones they had in Newport. They then traded with West Africa, initially for ivory which they got for their cheap glass beads.
The goal of the Jews was to fill their ships with black slaves from West Africa who they would then sell to the European settlers of America who were in need of human labour.
This would earn them huge profits.
The Dutch West Indies Company that was owned by Jews in Holland supplied the Jews of America with slave ships.
Two influential Jews known as Eyrger and SayUer who were connected to the Rothschilds of Spain began a company called Ascentio. This company also helped the American Jews to make their dream of enslaving Africans in the Americas a reality.
All these worked together to provide black slaves for the colonists.
Newport became an important trading point and out of 128 slave ships, 120 were undersigned to Jews.
Newport ended up with 600 ships and 300 of them were for sending rum and whiskey to Africa and bringing back black human cargo as slaves. Of the 300, most of them were owned by Jews.
The Jews were known as the enslavers and it was them who openly shipped, warehoused, branded, restrained with tools, conditioned and sold slaves.
At one point there were more than 4 600 slaves in Newport alone.
During the whole time of slavery, it was found out that though the Jews made up a small percentage of the population, 75 percent of them owned black slaves.
Only about 30 percent of the rest of the whites owned black slaves.
The almost exclusive involvement of the Jews in the transatlantic slave trade and kidnappings of blacks to the Americas is the reason Jews acquired so much wealth which they possess to this day.


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