The origins of the Barbarians: Part One


LAST week we reviewed how the Roman King Constantine corrupted the black religion of Christianity into a version now known as Catholicism and made it the religion of his empire.
The Romans used Catholicism to dominate and spiritually enslave the world.
When the Romans adopted Christianity around 300 CE, there were hundreds of copies and versions of Israelite scrolls in many places and they had been translated into many different languages.
However, by the beginning of 400 CE there was only one legal Bible left and that was the Latin Bible.
The Roman emperors who followed after Constantine sent troops to burn all other Israelite or Christian scrolls which were not in Latin and they persecuted any resistors.
This week and next we will be discussing the Barbarians who happen to be the people who were responsible for the decline of the Roman Empire.
Just as the Roman Empire was beginning to use all its power and influence to impose their false religion, something unexpected happened that consequently weakened the Empire and eventually split it into two.
It was the coming of a people called the Barbarians.
The word barbarian is derived from the words, ‘Berber’ and ‘Arian’. ‘Berber’ was used by the Romans to refer to foreigners.
People like Hannibal who were from North Africa, were referred to as Berbers by the Romans.
The term is still used to refer to the mixed and African populations of North Africa such as those found in Morocco and its neighbourhood. It is important to remember that North Africa became the southern tip of the Roman Empire.
The term Arian was used in reference to the Nordic whites, who were distinct even from the Romans, because they had different hair and eye colour and an overly pale skin.
The term Arian was used to mean ‘noble’ and the Arians used to be black people in ancient times.
They originated in the area around Iran and northern India.
There was an outbreak of leprosy in their lands and these Arians became white skinned. From then on the term ‘Arian’ meant this group of people who turned white.
Leprosy is a form of albinism that occurs after birth and all whites are simply a mutation of the original black race of mankind.
The term leper literally means ‘the peeling off’.
It is a skin disease which was documented by Moses in the book of Leviticus 13.
This disease was placed in the land of Canaan as a plague and a curse, and the Israelites had ways of treating it when they contracted it.
Today, there is a skin disease called vitiligo, which also turns black people white.
Michael Jackson was one such victim and in a case such as his, when the whole skin is completely consumed of its blackness, he would be referred to by the ancient Israelites as a clean leper.
All the skin would have peeled or cleaned off. If the peeling off was partial, the patient was referred to as an ‘unclean leper’ as some of his original flesh would not have been completely peeled off by the disease.
The worst case was called ‘old leprosy’, and this is when the skin, not only turned white, but actually opened up to produce a scab or sore. This is today known as skin cancer and largely remains a disease that affects white people.
The Arians were eventually called Caucasians because they were originally Asians who crossed the Caucasus Mountains into northern Europe while seeking refuge away from the scorching sun.
To this day, the Caucasians are wary of the hot sun.
In the literature of the Israelites, leprosy was a huge curse.
Miriam, the sister of Moses, angered God and as punishment, she was turned white as snow.
The founding Arians comprised the Canaanites, Philistines, and the Amorites.
These people are portrayed in the Bible as sinners and they were also the sinful inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah who were punished for the immoral acts of homosexuality and bestiality.
This perhaps explains why Caucasians, even today, see nothing wrong in upgrading gay culture to the status of human rights.
The Canaanites, Philistines and Amorites were also the inhabitants of the land of Canaan, whose race God commanded the Israelites to destroy and drive away into the wilderness.
The wilderness was the cold land of Europe, where no large grazing animals migrated to because no good plants grew in it.
The whites were forced to live in caves and they became carnivorous and hostile in character.
They had long forgotten the way of agriculture as they were now in bad unproductive lands with very limited natural resources and a terrible climate.
The Arians devolved into a people who had no organised language and social systems and they lived as such for thousands of years.
By the 400’s CE, waves of these whites began crossing back into the known world and into the territory of the Roman Empire.
They were known as the Barbarians (i.e. Berber + Arian = barbarian), because they were non-Roman, and they had Arian ancestry.
They fought, killed and burnt all the people and villages they ran into. They roasted the bodies of their victims, and ate them.
This means that the Caucasians we know today as the British, French, Germans and so on, practised the savage act of cannibalism. Ironically, it is the same people who are in the notorious habit of describing black people as savages, cannibals and barbarians, words that are more appropriate to describe them.
The barbarians were divided into clans such as the Visigoths, the Vandals, the Devs, the Vikings, the Saxons and so on.
Their primitive and cruel nature is evident in the modern meaning of words such as ‘vandal’, ‘devil’ and ‘barbaric’ which derive from the clan names.
The Barbarians attacked the Roman Empire from the west and plundered it.
In their northern caves the Barbarians had suffered a dwindling population and regularly succumbed to poverty, illness and hunger. The rage with which they attacked the Romans was motivated by their undying will to survive.
After the barbarian invasion, the Roman Empire was virtually split into two with the barbarians inhabiting the west and the Greeks and Romans inhabiting the east of the Roman Empire.
The emperor remained Roman, but he had to recruit some of his soldiers from the barbarians.
The Roman emperor also lost some of his territory, such as Hispania (Spain), to the barbarians.
It is also instructive that most of the wars that are being fought in the current century and those that were fought in the last century are attributable to the Barbarians who now prefer to be described as Anglo-Saxons.
Next week we shall look at how the Romans introduced Catholicism, the fake religion masquerading as Christianity, to the barbarians. These barbarians would later be the founders of the Protestant churches that played a big role in the colonisation of Africa and continue to take part in the brainwashing of Africans today through their churches and mission schools.


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