The origins of the Barbarians: Part Two


IN Part One we noted that when the Barbarians came to the Roman Empire, they occupied the western part of the empire and that the Romans continued to be in charge of the empire.
The Barbarians were the most despised of all in the Roman Empire.
Caucasian (Barbarian) slaves were the cheapest on the slave market.
The word ‘Slavic’ which is used in reference to the northern Europeans bears testament to their history of slavery.
The Barbarians, unlike Africans and Asians, were counted as weak, malnourished, illiterate and unskilled in the Roman Empire, and thus they were mostly used in the Roman army’s infantry.
The Romans made all the Barbarians in the west to accept Catholicism.
The Barbarians became the gentiles of the Romans, as they themselves had been the gentiles in the eyes of the Israelites.
By converting Barbarians to Catholicism, the Romans meant that the Barbarians were to recognise the Catholic popes and priests as their lords, and would therefore pay tax and other offerings to them.
The outstanding Barbarians and those who really wanted to affiliate themselves with these Catholic authorities had to be baptised in the name of the trinity, Mary, the cross and other corruptions of the Israelite faith.
The Roman Catholics did to the Barbarians, exactly what they eventually did in Africa.
They shaped the church to materially exploit the church goers and believers.
From the biblical point of view, the Barbarians were Canaanites, the descendants of Canaan the cursed son of Ham.
It is written, “Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants he shall be to his brethren.” The leprosy, which caused the whiteness of skin, the displacement and vagabond status of the race of Canaan, is the curse that Noah decreed.
The Barbarians would now be exploited by the Catholics, who in those times were claiming to be the chosen people of the Most High.
It is important to remember that the Greeks and the Romans, although classified as white nowadays, are actually children of Edom (Esau), the son of Isaac.
Isaac was Abraham’s son and they were from the lineage of Shem, the firstborn of Noah.
Esau was born from black parents, Isaac and Rebecca, but he came out peculiarly red and hairy.
Edom meant red and that is also what Rome meant.
His brother Jacob (Israel) had no such mutation and was described as smooth skinned, just like his black forefathers.
The Romans and the Greeks are therefore Shemitic, and do not share the same history or origins of whiteness as the Canaanites, who were a branch of Ham, another son of Noah.
The distinction is clear, the Romans and Greeks have black/dark hair and eye colour like all the other races on earth.
Caucasians have eye colours which range from blue, grey to green.
Their hair colour could be red, brunette or blonde.
Although these unusual hair and eye colours have been made to seem normal to us through TV brainwashing, they are actually mutations of those of the original man, the black man.
The Greeks and Romans have a darker hue of skin than the Caucasian whites, and when the Romans and Greeks are burnt by the sun, their skin turns brownish but they have no serious problems with the sun.
This is unlike the Caucasian whites who, when exposed to the sun for long, get instant sun burn and, in severe cases, skin cancer.
The Romans presented themselves to the Barbarians as the chosen people of Abraham.
This was in defiance of the biblical fact which says Edom, their great ancestor, who was their branch on Abraham’s genealogy tree, lost his birthright to his twin brother Jacob (Israel).
Edom was also unpopular among his own family for marrying two women, daughters of the white Canaanites.
Biblically, Israel was the chosen race of the Most High and though he was related to Edom, Israel’s descendants are identified by Jacob’s and not Esau’s genealogical branch.
To strengthen their lie, the Romans claimed that the descendants of the Pharisees, who were centred in Babylon, were the Israelites.
Together they hid the history of how they killed and scattered the real Israelites, the black people who should claim all the legacy of the kings and prophets of the Bible.
The lie has persisted to this day.
The Barbarians swallowed the lie and began paying tithes to the church.
It was one church with one authorised Bible, the Latin Bible.
The Barbarians could not understand Latin or any other form of writing for that matter, and so they sat at the feet of these false priests in search of salvation.
The Catholics preached the message that, like Jesus, one had to die to go to heaven.
On earth one had to abandon all riches and selflessly give to the church.
The reward for doing this would come after death in heaven.
This was all corruption of the word of God.
The real message from the Bible is that heaven is for the living, and those who reside in heaven do not die, even if their bodies are slain.
We are reincarnated souls and we should not fear death for we live on in spirit and through our descendants.
Catholicism exploited its blind followers then and by and large the situation has not changed.
The Romans went further to impose ‘purgatory fees’ on the Barbarians.
If a person lost a loved one, the Catholic priests would claim that the deceased had not ascended to heaven, but was in some mid-way place called purgatory.
For the soul of the deceased to leave Purgatory to ascend to heaven, the relatives of the dead had to pay the purgatory fee.
There was also pre-manocta, which was the right of the first night, and this meant the deflowering of the Barbarian bride’s virginity by the lord of the land on the night of the couple’s wedding.
The Roman Church tolerated this immoral system and was the key beneficiary for hundreds of years because the Catholic Church claimed ownership of most of the land of the Barbarians.
Those who rebelled against this privilege of first night were put to death, in public, so as to scare the rest of the Barbarians from going against the church.
It was these and many other reasons that eventually led the Barbarians to start their own churches, which are now called protestant churches.
These include the Lutheran, Anglican, and Methodist and so on.
However, they are no different from their mother, the Catholic Church, and this is because they are, but offshoots of the same false religion which they still wrongly portray as Christianity.
If the root is bad, the fruit is also bad, no matter which branch of the tree that bad fruit chooses to grow on.
As we have all learnt by now, the Christianity that is practised in the West and was introduced to Africans through European missionaries is not the same religion which was based on the principles of Christ.
The Western version of Christianity is a heathen doctrine that was put together by the enemies of Israel and Yahshua, to replace the true teachings of God.
This is what the whites have done in all the lands they conquered.
Knowing black people are spiritual beings by nature, they did not only try to exterminate our traditions and beliefs, but they also came up with false doctrines so as to leave the blacks with an alternative religion which would confuse, pollute and divide them.
As bait, the whites went as far as incorporating some elements of the indigenous traditional practices so as to attract locals to the church.
In Zimbabwe for example, Western churches adopted the name ‘Mwari’ for the Almighty God.
The use of the African drum in the Catholic Church is another.
One hopes that one day Africans will wake up to the mind games of the white man and seek liberation from them.


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