The Patriot is priceless


EDITOR – GREETINGS to you comrades at The Patriot newspaper. 

Thank you for the newspaper which tells the truth as it is. 

I strongly urge you to forever continue decolonising the minds of Zimbabweans and Africans who are still ‘chained’. 

We still have many in our midst who are prepared to sellout just because of the money they are offered by our formers colonisers, particularly Europeans and Americans. 

I believe the subjects and issues you publish in The Patriot must be put in our school curriculum so that, beginning with our children, we believe in ourselves as black people, start our black industries and develop our country into a rich and powerful nation. 

Through your paper, it must be seen that a ‘United States of Africa’ is possible. 

I am also kindly asking you to write, in every issue of The Patriot, stories of our war of liberation. 

Everyone, especially children, must know the heroes and heroines who died fighting for Zimbabwe to be free. 

They must know even our living heroes, those who survived the war of liberation and continue to serve the country with the knowledge that Zimbabwe did not come on a silver platter. 

Our children must know Mbuya Nehanda, King Mzilikazi and King Lobengula. 

They must know Sekuru Kaguvi, Herbert Chitepo, Solomon Mujuru, Joshua Nkomo, Robert Mugabe, Simon Muzenda, Josiah Tongogara and many other heroes and heroines who made it possible for us to be living in our beautiful Zimbabwe freely. 

Please continue with the good work at The Patriot and never tire.

You are priceless!  

Moses Tawanda Marufu,

Mhondoro Ngezi.


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