The role of Jews in black slavery


THE descendants of Judah were Asiatic and thus black.
The scriptures say Israelites will be scattered and in a state of captivity.
They would be a race without knowledge of their roots and in need of saving, thus they are referred to as the lost sheep or lost tribes of Israel.
Many blacks, particularly those who experienced the slave trade, fit the description of the above mentioned people.
Not so do the whites who purport to be Jews in our time and follow the religion of Judaism.
They are prominent figures around the world in terms of wealth and influence.
They occupied Palestine forcefully with the help of white nations like the US and UK.
They also have Eastern European roots that they are well aware of.
Evidently, there are parallels between these whites and the imposters mentioned in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 who claim to be Jews but are actually the synagogue of Satan.
The presence of non-blacks in north-east Africa began in the Greek era which was the first white and Western civilisation to emerge in the known world.
Judaism and, later, Catholicism were the roots of all the other Orthodox, Protestant and non-Protestant churches.
They both have Greco-Roman origins and it is their style of religious practices that have been carried forward to the modern day.
The Greeks came up with Judaism after colonising the Judeans in the 4th Century BCE and failing to completely hellenize them.
As a compromise, after years of resistance from the descendants of Judah, the Seleucid Greeks came up with Hellenic Judaism, an inclusive religion for all in Judea to follow.
Similar events took place after the Romans took over from the Greeks and colonised Judea in 68 BCE. They cracked down on Essenes, Nasserites and other Judeans who resisted Hellenic Judaism and the Roman culture.
After the killing of Christ, Christianity grew independently from Hellenic Judaism which was followed by sects like the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes.
Christians at this time were typically blacks from Syria, Judea and Egypt.
The Romans were chasing Christians out of the synagogues — arresting, assaulting and killing them by law.
This continued until such a time when the influence of Christianity had outgrown that of the Roman Empire. Syrian Christians fled into Africa and around 300CE, an Ethiopian King converted his empire to Christianity.
Emperor Constantine of Rome then wittingly used the ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ tactic.
He converted his empire to Christianity as well. In a short space of time, Rome, through the Catholic Church, would then become the central authority for Christian affairs, yet not long before this, they were the biggest threat to the religion.
The Romans did as the Greeks and incorporated their pagan culture into Christianity through conferences such as that of Nicaea.
Around the 4th Century CE, both Greeks and Romans had shared citizenship statuses with Egyptians, Syrians, Babylonians and Judeans via colonisation.
The pyramids of Egypt, the Hebrew exodus and so on were events that took place thousands of years before the whites entered this region.
In Judea, all the Judeans were either killed or scattered into Africa during the Roman versus Christian days.
The only groups which survived and remained under Rome were the Pharisees and the Samaritans.
The Samaritans were not Jews nor Israelites by descent, but were Babylonian groups called Ava and Sepharvaim. They were imported to replace the dispersed Israelites in the time of King Shalmanezzar of Assyria.
They partook of Hellenic Judaism and were thus exempt from the massacre and dispersal that befell the Judeans in 70 CE and led to the total destruction of their temple.
By 135 CE, the Pharisees were well established in Babylon where the Romans were headquartered. There they compiled a book called the Babylonian Talmud and cemented Talmudic Judaism.
This draws parallels with Mystery Babylon, the great mother of harlots and abominations of the earth written about in Revelations 17:5.
She is a personification of a corrupt Babylonian religion which gives birth to other churches and deceives the whole world into following false religion that serves imperial governments as opposed to God.
In Babylon, the Pharisaic Jews became the prime enslavers and traders of African and Asiatic people who were distinctively black. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states that the trade in slaves constituted the main source of livelihood for the Roman Jews.
They also indulged in sexual immorality; both evils which they would document and justify in the Talmud.
This book is neither attributed to God nor his prophets, but is said to be oral law that some elders eventually codified along with commentary on the scripture and interpretations of how one ought to apply the written law.
The book, which contemporary Jews arguably uphold more than the Torah, gives provisions for Jews to rape women and underage girls, sodomise little boys and commit adultery as long as the victim is a gentile.
The book also started the Hamitic theory as it pertains to black slavery.
The Talmud declares clearly that the curse of Noah towards Ham and his son Canaan was in fact blackness.
Thus, the Jews partook in the enslavement of blacks from Babylon and other parts of Asia on the grounds that blackness had been associated with the servitude Ham’s son Canaan and his descendants were to suffer.
According to a Jew called Doctor Harold Brackman, the Talmud teaches that Ham’s race was cursed with big male sexual organs because he sodomised his father, big eyes because he looked upon Noah’s nakedness, and dark skin because he snuck up on him under the cover of darkness.
These perverted interpretations were made by Pharisaic Jews who were not only Hellenic in the cultural sense but were largely descendants of Greeks and Romans, some of whom had mixed with corrupt black Judeans and Levites as is evidenced in the apocryphal books of Maccabeus.
The Talmud, which also defends the right for a Jew to deflower a gentile infant who is less than three years of age because her virginity will supposedly regrow, cannot be taken seriously.
Yet it is it’s theory of Ham being cursed to father a black race of slaves which continues to surface when religious groups and individuals wish to subvert their guilt when participating in the inhumane enslavement and trade of black humans. The Jews remained prominent figures in supplying the Roman Empire with black Asiatic and African slaves. That was until Africans embraced Islam and entered Asia as Moors at the beginning of the 8th Century.
They chased off the Roman Empire along with the Jews of Babylon and they headed west to Europe, leaving only one Greco Roman stronghold of Byzantine in Turkey.
Rome’s headquarters was now limited to Italy and its hegemony ended in Europe. The Christians hated the Moors but the latter group had a superior civilisation.
The Crusades of approximately 1100 CE were an attempt by the Roman Catholic papacy to regain territory in the east, where civilising trends traditionally originated.
Many whites were exposed to coffee, sugar and spices, among others, during their marches to Turkey and Jerusalem.
Such products were brought to Europe exclusively by the Moors, whom the whites hated because they were black and Muslims.
The Sephardic Jews had remained in Samaria and gradually moved west from the Mediterranean coast to southern European nations like Italy, Spain and Portugal. Here, they capitalised on the niche of trade middlemen between whites and blacks.
Many of the Sephardic Jews were Asiatic to begin with and they often intermarried with Moors to produce tawny Moors or Morranos. These were not white but moderately black; much like contemporary Arabs and Latinos.


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