The Zimbabwe we do not want


IF there was one issue that this column sought to avoid this week, it is the story of the untimely demise of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, but there is so much that has happened in the embattled party that is too tempting to ignore.
Under normal circumstances, the story that should be on our lips and minds as Zimbabweans is that of the economic development that is slowly unravelling under the new dispensation.
But then there is always the MDC-T, forever providing us with the menu that we have always clamoured for in the media fraternity.
It is the story of the never-ending drama which manifests in the sometimes comical and tragic antics by the characters involved.
Again we unravel it here.
Morgan Tsvangirai, that eccentric MDC-T leader, died on Wednesday, February 14 2018, in the process taking with him his long held dream of ruling this country.
But that is not all.
Behind, Tsvangirai leaves a trail of destruction that came to the spotlight while his body was still in the mortuary in South Africa.
Death is the nature of life.
We are all but shadows waiting for the glow of our lives to be snuffed by the crude hand of death.
We just wait for time to take away our breath and we vanish into the yonder world.
Yes Morgan Tsvangirai left us on that fateful day which has been commercialised by those from the West who love a money-making venture.
There is something that Tsvangirai did not do and we are all witnessing the tragedy.
He should have come up with a proper succession plan which would have diffused the inferno that is threatening to engulf the party that he ‘laboured’ to ‘build’.
On the one hand, there is the cunning Nelson Chamisa trying to wrestle control of the party.
On the other, there is the ostensibly composed but equally manipulative Elias Mudzuri who is fiercely opposed to Chamisa’s take-over bid.
What is interesting is that both gentlemen are fighting over a dead asset which has no political capital as it stands.
The MDC-T is dead and all that is left of it is the shell that is being vigorously fought for by the greedy comrades in the form of Chamisa and Mudzuri.
Even more interesting is the fact that none among the two brawling comrades will stand a chance against the supercharged President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his justifiably buoyant ZANU PF Party.
That is an issue for another day.
Chamisa, who seems to be winning the battle for the control of the disintegrating MDC-T party, is adamant that he is the rightful heir to Tsvangirai.
Mudzuri, who is being backed by the likes of party co-vice president Thokozani Khupe who also calls herself ‘deputy president’, organising secretary Douglas Mwonzora and spokesperson Obert Gutu, among others, is a bitter man.
He also believes he is the right man to replace Tsvangirai.
Again that is an issue for another day.
The fights are going to get nasty and this writer has it on good authority that whatever is happening within the two warring factions might result in bloodshed if not handled properly.
We have been told by impeccable sources within that party that we haven’t seen nothing yet.
It’s going to get worse.
We leave it for now but we shall surely talk about it in the near future.
Putting aside the MDCs issues, the country continues on its development trajectory.
One fact that Zimbabweans have embraced is that it is now one way for their beloved country, but the question confronting many, including this writer, is: Are Zimbabweans ready to embrace this exciting unfolding narrative?
In the next coming few weeks things are going to move with such speed that we may not be able to comprehend what is happening.
What this means is that we have to prepare ourselves for what is about to happen on the economic front.
We have to brace ourselves for the transformation that is looming large.
A nation of steak
Zimbabweans are renowned for their love of meat.
Every week there are braai parties all over the country.
Well, there is good news for Zimbabweans as more meat is coming our way.
On Saturday, Government unveiled a US$300 million facility for the Special Livestock, Fisheries and Wildlife Programme that will improve agriculture production and ensure the country continues to be food self-sufficient.
The programme was launched at Gwatemba Business Centre in Insiza, Matabeleland South Province.
It was officiated by Vice-President (Rtd Gen) Dr Constantino Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga who said the programme was part of the Government’s trajectory of broad economic recovery.
The initiative is part of Government’s expansion of the highly successful Command Agriculture Programme which saw Zimbabwe attaining self-sufficiency in almost two decades.
As we enjoy our steak, more is coming in other sectors of the economy.
Economy on the rebound
President Mnangagwa’s clarion call has been that ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’.
And investors are flocking into the country at an alarming rate.
Alarming in the sense that there are many things that will happen which the current younger generation has never witnessed.
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairman and now Special Advisor to the President, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa has ‘joked’ that: “Zimbabwean children will run away if they see a crane.”
We haven’t seen a construction crane, on a major project, since 2000 when Joina City building was constructed.
The cranes are on their way and suddenly, even the lazy and wretchedly incompetent Harare City Council has joined the ‘no longer business as usual’ chant.
We are now seeing roads being resurfaced and infrastructure being revamped.
In the near future, we will be talking about the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NZR), the Cold Storage Commission (CSC) and ZISCO Steel.
In defence of Mbuya Tsvangirai
In the midst of all the good things that are happening in the Zimbabwe economy, the MDC-T stubbornly hogs the limelight for all the wrong reasons.
While arriving at the Robert Mugabe International Airport, Tsvangirai’s mother threatened to commit suicide if Elizabeth, her late son’s wife, and Chamisa attended the funeral.
Lazy minds immediately started throwing brickbats at the grieving old woman.
Yet they did not take time to consider that her rants had nothing to do with the crumbling MDC-T.
This is personal and must be dealt with in the appropriate manner otherwise we might witness ugly skeletons tumbling out of cupboards.
Toisiira ipapo!
When all is said and done, the good thing is that Zimbabweans have not been distracted by the drama in the MDC-T and are forging ahead with their business.
Let us all unite and shape the Zimbabwe we want.
Let those with ears listen.


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