There is always tomorrow comrades


ZANU PF has just completed what can best be described as hugely successful primary elections.
The turnout was impressive.
The mobilisation aspect was top notch and detractors have been left licking their wounds.
ZANU PF has sent a clear message to all who care to listen that it is still very much alive.
Elections are always an interesting spectacle.
There are tears.
There is jubilation.
There is agony.
But at the end of it all, there is unity waiting to be embraced by all.
As we pick the pieces from the Party’s primary elections, there are naturally varying emotions, feelings, thoughts and opinions.
These are the hallmarks of democracy.
Those who lost are understandably agitated.
And those who romped to victory are predictably in a celebratory mood.
However, unity, I repeat, is waiting there to be embraced by both the winners and losers.
Both the winners and losers have an immediate, inevitable task of delivering victory for their beloved Party.
There is little time to do that.
National elections are on the horizon and looming large.
The intervening period must therefore be used to bring all candidates together, to unite them for the common cause of ZANU PF and ensure the Party emerges the winner.
After all, everyone who took part in these primary elections is a winner in his/her own way and right.
All the candidates have demonstrated they have serious backing from the expectant electorate, but when everything is said and done, the Party belongs to the people, not to individuals.
No one is bigger than the Party, it has been said time and again, and there could not have been a better chance and time to demonstrate that.
The forthcoming harmonised elections are an opportunity for ZANU PF to show to the world that it is a united, formidable and supercharged Party that will win the elections.
Never mind the frivolous analysis by our armchair critics who have been trying to link the Party’s primary elections to the forthcoming national polls.
These are internal elections which have nothing to do with national elections.
The national elections will be conducted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), as everyone knows.
So where is the link between ZANU PF primary elections and the forthcoming harmonised elections?
Are these not harpings by a group that is running scared of what is clearly going to be an embarrassing electoral defeat for them?
Are these not utterances by parties that are in visible disarray?
Why the concern with ZANU PF and how it goes about its business?
To those who have failed to make it, I say this is not the end of the world.
There is always tomorrow comrades; another chance!
You have done the Party proud.
May you continue to do so in future!
For now, the task is to ensure the 2018 harmonised elections go ahead as planned and that peace be maintained before, during and after elections.


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