Think of a sanctions-free Zim


FOR any nation to thrive, there are many things involved.

There are sound and solid relations with the masses.

There is trust among neighbours. That trust is founded on the basis of mutual relations.

Then there are relations with the rest of the world.

Since attaining independence in 1980, Zimbabwe’s scoresheet on that front has been an attractive one.

We have built strong relations with the masses.

We have created a strong bond with them.

We have been working hand-in-glove with our neighbours.

We have helped them to the best of our ability.

We have delayed programmes that were meant to benefit our people.

All this we did for the sake of peace, unity and freedom.

We have not wavered on our stance of uplifting the livelihoods of our people and the region as a whole.

We have not faltered in our quest to see a developed and united Africa.

These principles, which have guided us as a nation have fed into the ‘United Africa’ agenda.

We still remain imbued by those values.

They are the basis, the foundation for the Africa we want.

They are the core of a world that we all aspire to be in.

A world of equality.

A world where every voice has to be heard and a world where each and every idea matters. We aspire, as Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans, for a world that is devoid of interference from the so-called super powers.

We dream of a world where territorial integrity and sovereignty are respected.

The world that we cherish is one where every person, community, society and nation are free to express their will without being suppressed by others.

We dream of a world where peace, security and stability are the hallmarks of humanity.

Sadly for us Zimbabweans, that world is a pipe dream.

There are forces, both within and outside the country, determined to derail our road to prosperity.

Forces who will stop at nothing in their bid to destabilise and destroy our country.

This is why we cannot ignore the issue of the illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe.

We cannot ignore why that embargo was placed on us in the first place and the damage that it has wrought on our people.

These sanctions are meant to derail every prospect of our development. They are designed to scare every other developing nation from embarking on empowerment initiatives.

They are created to cull the future of the world.

Africa is the future. And Zimbabwe is miles ahead in terms of realising that objective. The developing world must be bludgeoned into submission according to the dictates of the sponsors of those sanctions.

But we will continue to forge ahead in spite of those sanctions.

We will continue to till our land.

We will continue to make it productive.

We will continue to mine our minerals.

We will continue to develop our tourism and market our country as an investment destination of choice.

Despite all this, the reality of the sanctions must never be understated. This is why we will dedicate the month of October as the month of the fight against sanctions.

We will work hand-in-hand with SADC in ensuring that those sanctions are removed.

In the meantime, we will just imagine a sanctions-free Zimbabwe and what it can offer to its people and the world.


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