This is a people’s Cabinet


THERE is something good and big that is happening in Zimbabwe.
This country is generating goodwill from all over for a reason.
Layers that made it a potential-laden but isolated nation are slowly being peeled off.
Democracy is surely unravelling right before our eyes and there is much more.
An inclusive economy is slowly beckoning.
Everything now looks beautiful, encouraging and inspiring.
That is a country in which dreams are made.
For Zimbabwe, the time has come.
The good thing is that all this has not gone unnoticed.
Events of the past week have once again gripped the nation for a reason.
We now have a new Cabinet.
That is for starters.
And the story gets interesting.
We have a Cabinet that the people asked for.
True to form, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has once again shown that he is indeed a listening President.
What the people ask for, he delivers.
We have the necessary skills, the talent, the capacity and, indeed, the brains that we all need to revive our economy and rebuild our country.
Of significance is that this Cabinet will do a lot in repairing our image in the eyes of the world.
One gets a strong feeling we are going to witness the same on the economic front.
This is where the real deal is.
Real work starts now and we are armed with the knowledge that we have a competent Cabinet that will deliver the much-needed economic prosperity.
Our economy has not been performing well.
That is a story that has been told before and at great length.
It is a story that should no longer worry the nation anymore.
It is a story that should inspire all those who wish this country good.
We should all come together and build the country as one people, inspired by examples elsewhere.
Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and China, to mention but a few, provide the relevant template on how to revive the economy and rebuild a country.
We will draw comfort from the fact that we have the support of the world.
Internally, it means everyone has a job to do.
We have a duty to support this Cabinet.
The job of reviving the economy cannot be theirs alone.
Everyone has a part to play in this regard.
Already, the usual critics have started to cast aspersions on the composition of the new Cabinet.
That is to be expected.
There are those, as has been highlighted in this column on numerous occasions, who are hell bent on seeing this country fail.
They will do anything to drown the good that we generate as a country.
They are perpetual critics who will never see anything good coming out of this country.
Those of a positive mindset must do one thing they should simply ignore these career critics.
Our efforts must be firmly on the economy.
And the path towards that route has already been charted.
We will rebuild this country.
We will make it great again.
We will make it the economic giant that it ought to be.
Work starts now!


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