Time for youth innovators


ECONOMIES are built on sound master plans.
They follow a roadmap.
The roadmap has set targets and goals.
It has properly laid out structures for development.
It looks at sector by sector and clearly states what is expected of each.
The new dispensation has come up with an economic plan.
It is called Vision 2030.
According to this plan, Zimbabwe will be a middle-income economy come that time.
The vision foresees every Zimbabwean accessing the basic necessities of life.
Put simply, every Zimbabwean will have disposable income by the time we get to the year 2030.
The aspirations are attainable, there is visible progress on the ground.
The launch of the three inter-locked programmes — the Zimbabwe National Critical Skills Audit (ZNCSA), Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework (ZNQF) and the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency (ZINGSA) — is evidence of the seriousness of the development agenda being driven by the country’s leadership.
Investors have already, overwhelmingly, responded to the ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ mantra.
Almost every sector has attracted significant investment which has reached a cumulative figure of US$16 billion in just seven months of the new dispensation.
A women’s bank has been opened. And a youth bank has also been opened.
All this points to an economy on the cusp of unprecedented growth and development.
Crucially, this is where the expertise and energies of our youths come into play.
Every year we are producing some of the finest brains from our tertiary institutions.
These youngsters are armed with modern ideas on how to run a modern economy.
They have the knowhow.
They have the ideas.
They have the solutions.
And significantly, they have zeal to drive the economy.
It is crucial that we tap into the vast knowledge they have acquired especially where the country’s industrialisation drive is concerned.
Zimbabwe is headed towards massive industrialisation.
It is forging towards modernisation.
As such, funds must be availed for innovations, mainly by the country’s youths.
Scientific and industrial innovation hubs must be established so that we can build our economy around local ideas and innovations.
Government must invest heavily into this initiative and make use of home-grown solutions to the problems confronting our economy.
Designs for roads, rail and bridges, among others, must be done by our youths.
Our information communication technologies (ICTs) must also be under the purview of our youths.
Our youths must be mandated with coming up with ideas and solutions to improve our agricultural productivity.
They must assist with modern methods of harnessing our minerals.
This is why the youth bank is critical to the country’s overall objective of economic growth.
Funds must be set aside for assembling of high value mining, agricultural equipment.
Plans to set aside one percent of GDP to support innovation, research, development and establishment of incubation hubs are highly commendable.
We used to manufacture many things in the country.
We could retrace our footsteps and start all over again.
We can do even more with modern technology and ideas from our youngsters.
We have the resources.
We have the capacity.
All that is required is to capacitate the youths.
Zimbabwe is headed for brighter times.


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