Time to stop this rot


THE relentless effort by some treacherous Zimbabweans to smear the image of their Government in order to attract outsiders to illegally dislodge it, has reached very dangerous levels, if the recent alleged ‘abduction’ of a certain Dr Peter Magombeyi is anything to go by.  

A number of plots carried out Nicodemously have since come to light.

For instance, it is public knowledge that the United States was persuaded by the MDC to craft the notorious the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA).

This is a law through which the US has imposed punitive sanctions on our country.

The expected suffering of the people, as a result of these sanctions would then be blamed on the ZANU PF Government.

At one time, the late MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai even tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade the South African Government to cut electricity supplies to Zimbabwe.

What is disturbing is that the MDC seems oblivious of the consequences  these measures have on people whose interests they claim to represent.

And that suffering is not discriminatory as it affects  MDC supporters as well.  

MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has spoken of kudira jecha (throwing spanners into the works). 

This evidently means the Western sponsored party would do anything that will make the world believe the ZANU PF Government has failed to run the country.

And they have a powerful ally in the US.

What has made the MDC Alliance game increasingly dangerous is that anything they create, the West never bothers to verify.

The MDC, by the way, now MDC Alliance, has taken advantage of this. 

When it lost the last general elections convincingly, it convinced the US and its allies that the ballot was manipulated.

When they caused the deaths of innocent civilians, after fomenting violent demonstrations, the US and its allies blamed the Government instead.

Our main concern here is swallowing everything claimed by the MDC Alliance ‘hook-line-and-sinker’ may eventually lead to ghastly outcomes.

Recently, world leaders, as they assembled at the United Nations, were made to believe that a certain Dr Magombeyi had been abducted by the State.

The MDC Alliance were soon on top of Mount Everest, broadcasting to the world  that  human rights were being trampled on with impunity by the Zimbabwean Government.

What better example could be needed than the abducting of a medical doctor in order to stop him from voicing his concerns.

But The Patriot has pointed out umpteen times that some of these abductions are stage-managed inside jobs.

That Dr Magombeyi was probably being feted with  mouthwatering cocktails in a luxurious lodge while the world was distressed by news of his ‘abduction’ should be food for thought.

The paradox that it is the MDC Alliance which  carried out the ‘abduction’ should make the world, including the US, reassess their trust in MDC Alliance.

Why they are giving their cadres military training  needs no rocket scientist to find out.

As we have already pointed out, the Vanguard, apparently the de facto military wing of the MDC Alliance, has even bigger  and more dangerous plans.

These are all aimed at illegally removing a legitimate Government from power. 

The West will, of course, pretend to ignore all this and when the worse comes to the worst, they will always stand by the MDC Alliance, regardless.

The onus is on the Government security to nip the flower in the bud.


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