Touched by Gwerevende’s story


EDITOR – IN response to your article in The Patriot last week entitled, ‘Family seeks refuge in a cave’, that story automatically shows that Rhodesians were very ruthless.
They forced a true cadre of the soil, a war veteran, Cde Gwerevende, his family and neighbours to seek refuge in a cave and they stayed there for about two months.
Gwerevende and company were forced to become strangers in their own land.
Editor as I am writing this letter, I can imagine a situation whereby a mouse seeks refuge in a nearby grassland as a snake invades its hole.
It pains me that Gwerevende’s homestead was destroyed by the Rhodesians and that his neighbours were tortured too.
In many cases, laws were passed and amended in favour of the white men in order to allow them to exploit blacks.
They introduced the hut tax, dog tax and so on, and in Gwerevende’s case, his livestock was looted, just to fix him.
It is unfortunate that when Gwerevende found his way back from Mozambique, he was captured by the Rhodesians and was brutally tortured and up to date, he is still nursing wounds inflicted by the cruel Rhodesians.
Sometimes I wonder why the Rhodesians were so inhuman.
Where they normal?

Tendai Mususa


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