Tracing the demise of the MDC-T…learning from history


THE MDC, in its varied forms and surnames, and ZANU PF are worlds apart.
They can never be part of ZANU PF because one came into being to destroy the other and that which was to be destroyed is what defines what Zimbabwe is about.
MDC payakatenderana nevarungu kuti tichakubatsirai kuti mutore henyu zvakare chiya chakafirwa, chiya chevene veZimbabwe, nyika yavo yechiravirwa, that is when the dye was cast.
For this reason, the opposition won’t win elections because for it to ascend to the throne of this country, its citizens would have abrogated their sacred duty to defend what is theirs.
They would have departed from the path of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi, Mashayamombe and the whole patriotic royalty of this country.
They would have rejected the purpose and value of the First and Second Chimurenga.
They would have rejected Nyadzonia, Chimoio, Mkushi, Mboroma and all those shrines where sacred blood was shed for the sacred purpose, the defence of their motherland, its liberation from the British.
For any patriotic Zimbabwean, it is clear there are so many red herrings, but the battle lines are clear.
It is the battle for Zimbabwe.
This battle is not cosmetic, it is fundamental for the sake of those who willingly gave up their lives for this country and for the sake of future generations, Zimbabwe must remain in the hands of those who are loyal to it.
The late Vice-President and national hero, Cde Simon Muzenda, often told a story of two animals; the hen which can give its eggs and still roam free and the pig, which when it gives its flesh, no more lives.
The credentials that must rule this country are those found in the example of the later animal.
The MDC does not qualify because of its origins, its purpose and its trajectory pursuant to that. So it is not about eloquence, speech writing or debating prowess.
It is about the reality on the ground; those with eyes can read.
Some wish to make it into positions of power so they can milk Zimbabwe for some years — maybe five, maybe 10 — hoard as much as they can and when they leave office, live happily ever after; never to worry about material things, but it is not what it is about.
The only correct purpose in seeking office in this country is to serve, in the tradition of the liberation struggle.
The cow that so many are trying to catch with a rope so that they can tie up and milk is not a stray cow, it belongs to the people of Zimbabwe.
The owners of this cow have a clear purpose for it and they are not inviting any fortune seekers to enter their kraal and steal it for their selfish purposes.
But thieves will always try.
There once were fortune seekers, all the way from the British Isles.
They came, very well-armed indeed, but they met the wrath of the people of this land.
It took some time, but they were driven out finally.
The people of Zimbabwe have not forgotten, they can never forget.
When the British first came, it seemed too easy: ‘Oh these Africans in skins, armed only with spears, oh so ignorant, they do not even know how to make a gun, let alone a ship, a wagon, they cannot read or write.’
They felt so good and superior, nothing could ever go wrong — it was self-beguiling and when their nightmare did unfold, they could not believe it.
Some might look at the people of Zimbabwe today and think it is so easy to steal their cow, it is self-beguiling still.
The people of Zimbabwe have not forgotten who they are, what is theirs, that they are MaDzimbahwe and the rightful owners of their land.
Too many people know how rich Zimbabwe is.
It defies logic.
It surpasses their wildest dreams; they get so excited about it as if they have come across a diamond field in Nolliput, the land with no people.
There is no need to be so excited about the wealth of this country, for only the people of Zimbabwe have the right to be excited about their wealth because the decision to use this wealth, when and how is solely theirs.
We get concerned when some become overly excited about what belongs to others.
A wise person learns from history.
The history of the Americans is that of looting and plunder and bloodshed.
That is how they took the land of the Indians to create what they now call the US.
The so-called Americans do not originate in the Americas.
They originate from Europe.
Similarly, the history of the British is that of looting and plunder with the force of arms, spilling blood to get what they want and they did.
They built a huge bloody empire.
But what is our history and that of Great Zimbabwe?
We have always resisted foreign domination and when the British armed robbers came, we fought them and after 90 years, we dislodged them.
If one has a history such as ours and is found singing the praises of the American imperial exploits, defending the British imperial prowess, even against their own people, then such are lost.


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