‘Two Boy’ leaves own legacy


EDITOR — I was shocked to hear the news of Edgar Tekere’s death. Yes I knew ‘Two- Boy’ was not feeling well for some time, but I really got worried when I heard the news because I know he was one controversial guy. Tekere will be remembered as a fighter who immensely contributed to the liberation of Zimbabwe. Everyone has faults at some stage in life and regardless of what we say the man has left a legacy which will be remembered. Let us remember that he has lived his life and now a clean slate remains for his family and the past will remain that. Let us remember him as a son, a father, liberator and cadre. Please someone tell me which paper is telling the truth? Others are saying he is survived by a wife and a daughter while others are saying a wife and a son. Tekere’s role in our country’s liberation struggle cannot be erased and for that we must always be grateful. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Lillian Harare


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