Unity is our gateway to prosperity


FINALLY the electoral process has come to an end.
Everything has gone according to plan, save for a few incidences which have threatened to tarnish what has been a peaceful process.
All processes related to the election have been observed and respected to the letter and spirit.
That is what democracy entails.
That is what it brings to a people and to a nation.
Yet, even as the world has been marvelling at our capability, there are some among us bent on soiling the good we have done.
There is also another group which falls in the same category.
But we first look at the anti-election group and what it is trying to do.
Elections, as I have said, have come and gone — with it global goodwill has been generated.
We will preserve this for posterity.
The future needs what has happened in the period gone by as reference point in our history.
There is so much that happens during elections.
Some call it the ‘silly season’.
They are right to do so.
We have seen all sorts of mischief from some political parties in this country.
That mischief refuses to dissipate.
When looked at closely, it goes even beyond mischief.
It becomes a nuisance of some sort — destructive tendencies which are at play and which are meant to put a wedge between the people of Zimbabwe.
That will be negated through the unity of Zimbabweans.
It will be rejected by peace-loving citizens of our beloved country.
Only those who do not respect the will of the people will follow the path that tarnishes our image as a country and as a people.
What we saw at the National Sports Stadium during President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration was clear testimony Zimbabweans have come of age.
At the National Sports Stadium, there were Zimbabweans demonstrating that unity is our gateway to prosperity.
Which brings me to my second point.
A shocking tendency is brewing in our midst.
We now have a grouping bent on perpetuating the suffering of the people.
They find satisfaction in the failure of our economy to perform.
They earn a living through that.
Again, that will be rejected by the majority.
A new beginning stands before us.
It presents itself to be unravelled by the development oriented minds — hence President Mnangagwa’s clarion call for shared principles and values.
We need each and every citizen to put their differences aside so that we can build our country together.
Indeed tomorrow is better than yesterday.
We have an economy to build.
We have infrastructure that is crying for attention.
It needs to be attended to so that we become the regional, continental and international economic hub that we aspire to be and deserve to be.
We are on the threshold of more economic development.
The results are there for everyone to see.
These cannot be negated by those who wish our country ill.
Our collective efforts as a people will carry the day.
Peace will reign supreme.
Unity will stand tall.
The will of the people will be done.
Let us unite and develop our country!


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