Unmasking Geoffrey Nyarota’s hypocrisy: Part Two


THE DAILY NEWS under Geoffrey Nyarota became a relay platform for British media banditry and media terror against the people of Zimbabwe.
For example, The Daily News story, ‘Search for Mugabe’s overseas assets starts’, on January 18 2002, was an imitation of British media allegations that Mugabe owned a castle in Scotland and billions of Pounds Sterling in British banks.
The story called ‘Mugabe equates himself to Hitler’ on March 26 2003 was an imitation of stories in the British Mail on Sunday and The Telegraph.
The most sustained way in which the media demonisation of Zimbabwe has hurt the people has been through illegal sanctions which Dr Tendi has proven were the first substitute for an Anglo-Saxon invasion of Zimbabwe.
It was Nyarota who solicited material for publication in The Daily News which equated the elected Government of Zimbabwe with the Taliban regime of Afghanistan following the invasion of that country by US-led NATO forces in 2001.
So the participation of The Daily News in cheering the invasion of Iraq was consistent with Nyarota’s prior equation of Zimbabwe with Afghanistan and attempts to promote the image of our elected Government as the local Taliban.
These diabolic images of the Zimbabwean leadership were intended to justify foreign military invasion or its substitute in the form of illegal sanctions.
Zimbabwe does not have an anti-sanctions law at present, but many countries do.
Therefore our readers can appreciate the role of Nyarota and The Daily News in hurting Zimbabwe if they think of the normal way in which the crime of inviting or inciting sanctions against one’s own country would be defined.
Now, it is no coincidence, that when Geoffrey Nyarota was not at The Daily News, he was in the US, the Scandinavian countries and other countries who had joined the UK in imposing illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.
But those countries would have recognised some of Nyarota’s activities as criminal if they had been carried out against themselves by their own citizens.
Nyarota used The Daily News to try to stop Government’s land redistribution and resettlement policies.
This inspired Mike Campbell Private Limited and other former white settler farmers who first appealed to the so-called SADC Tribunal and then came back to the High Court and the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe to stop reform.
This case would fit the treason definition of the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act because:
The dispute over Zimbabwe’s indigenous land reclamation and redistribution was between Zimbabwe and its arch-enemy and former coloniser, Britain.
The agitation by the white settler farmers was about strengthening the hand of Britain against Zimbabwe in that dispute.
The agitation by the white farmers sought to use bogus SADC Tribunal judgments and their publication in British- sponsored media specifically to defeat Zimbabwe’s Judicial and Executive authorities whom the agitation served to defame and scandalise.
The SADC Tribunal, like the organisations promoting the white farmers’ cause, were funded by the same Anglo-Saxon powers who imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.
The Daily News story called ‘Young girls see their mother’s head cut off’ on April 23 2002 was a pure fabrication intended to get the result of the 2002 Presidential elections condemned and rejected.
The story alleged that a gang of youths belonging to President Mugabe’s party had beheaded a Magunje mother in front of her two young daughters.
When all investigations led to the conclusion that the story was a fabrication based on the death of Brandina Tadyanemhandu in Seke (not Magunje) and that the woman died of AIDS, Nyarota published yet another fabrication alleging that the Central Intelligence Organisation had caused his paper to lie!
In other words, Nyarota tried to cover up one fabrication with another.
If he were the honest guy he claims to be he would have apologised to all the people of Zimbabwe for that April 23 2002 fabrication.
It is still not too late to apologise even now.


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