Unpacking the MDC demo


WHEN the MDC Alliance announced they would embark on what they say is a mass demonstration today, it was not difficult to locate the rationale behind that ill-fated move.

Tomorrow, SADC will hold a summit that runs until Sunday and Zimbabwe will assume chairmanship of the bloc’s influential Organ on Defence and Security, putting a further dent on MDC Alliance’s efforts to bring Government on the international agenda.

Among one of the MDC’s ‘strategies’ is soiling the image of the country as much as possible so that the so-called international community can mount pressure on Zimbabwe.

That strategy has been a monumental failure; but since this is the MDC we are talking about, it comes as no surprise that they are hoping SADC would pay attention to the opposition’s childish antics.

Such is the gulf in political ideology and orientation between the ruling ZANU PF and the MDC Alliance that, while the former is embarking on an economic recovery programme that has received widespread endorsement, the opposition will be frantically trying to destabilise the country.

This is why the SADC Summit is crucial to the peace and stability of this country.

While the MDC Alliance will be attempting to do its widely discredited and inane jecha politics in Zimbabwe, serious regional business will be taking place elsewhere — where it matters the most.

Tomorrow’s gathering by Heads of State and Government in Tanzania will discuss the region’s future.

It will be about strengthening co-operation and solidarity between SADC member-states.

It will be about countering such anti-revolution vices like neo-colonialism.

And it comes as no surprise that the MDC Alliance has chosen today as the day they will embark on yet another round of violent confrontation with Government and peace loving citizens of this beloved country.

This is why there are several truths that the MDC Alliance need to be told as they seek to cause anarchy in the country.

First is the unavoidable fact that any action by the MDC Alliance that causes or may cause any disturbances of any sort will be met with the full might of the country’s security forces.

We are reliably informed that MDC Alliance members will provoke the security forces so as to go back to the international community crying foul.

We know that several thousands of dollars have been poured into the demonstration project so that it achieves the desired result.

We also know that Nelson Chamisa, the MDC Alliance leader has been taking instructions from some Western embassies on how to implement the demonstration.

We are fully aware that some opposition youths are being coached on how to conduct hit-and-run operations.

They will all be nabbed.

No amount of threats from the opposition will ever cow those mandated with preserving the peace and security of the country.

It is their duty and anyone who crosses the line will be met with an appropriate response.

Put simply, the demonstration is going to be thwarted if it turns violent.

Second, and linked to the above, is that SADC will simply not pay attention to what the MDC Alliance would have tried to do here in Zimbabwe.

As expected, the MDC Alliance has been citing legitimacy problems and electoral fraud despite failing to provide evidence to prove their claims.

Their case has not been helped by the several electoral losses they have suffered since the historic July 30 2018 harmonised elections, with the latest being the trouncing they received in Lupane, Matabeleland North, last week.

While the MDC Alliance has been claiming that theirs will be a ‘peaceful’ demonstration, facts on the ground prove otherwise.

There can never be peace when officials like Job Sikhala threaten to overthrow the Government.

Appropriate action will be taken against those who try to embark on the dangerous path of violence. Let us consider the following statement by the MDC Alliance leader:

“As we move to the next steps of very decisive action to be taken, in peace, in non-violence, let us make sure that we give effect to something that speaks works, because faith without works is dead. 

We now need to do the work, roll up our sleeves and we, as a people, be our own liberators; be our own answers; be our own solutions. 

There can’t be problems in a country that we can’t deal with, particularly when God is in it.

We are suffering in our country with shortages of everything, but the most important thing is that we don’t have a shortage of faith and worship and because our God is in it, nothing is going to defeat us.”

In its notice to the police, the MDC Alliance claimed the country is being run down by ZANU PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This is despite the sterling efforts by the country’s leadership to revive the economy. Zimbabweans will never be fooled into supporting the interests of self-serving politicians who want to get into power through the back door.

This demonstration is going to be a monumental failure and the world will be watching.

Those who cross the line will be dealt with accordingly.

Let those with ears listen.


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