THE recent workshop by NGOs in South Africa, devoted to planning the so-called ‘Savannah Revolution’ to illegally topple a legitimate Government, must be taken very seriously.

This is especially so since the conspiracy envisages use of violence.

The seriousness is further buttressed by the setting of dates to unleash this violence on the peace loving Zimbabweans.

Memories are still fresh about the trail of destruction following the violence of August last year and January this year.

Precious lives were lost as a result of the violence.

It is common knowledge that these NGOs work in cahoots with the MDC Alliance in their drive to effect change of Government illegally.

Even in our lead story today, instances of close association between NGOs and the MDC Alliance are cited.

No wonder MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa promised ‘war’ to force a change of Government before the next general elections in 2023.

He must be taken seriously.

If social media is anything to go by, we are already witnessing this campaign to bring about lawlessness through what they are calling a ‘shutdown’.

From our previous experiences, social media can only be ignored at our own peril.

There seems to be a carefully woven network, most likely organised by NGOs and the MDC Alliance, to incite public revolt.

But this should never be allowed to succeed, let alone take-off. 

This is a country which has always had general elections every five years, without fail.

Therefore, how can the unholy union of Western donors, local NGOs and the MDC Alliance be allowed to upset the applecart!

To the ordinary peace-loving Zimbabwean citizens, we ask them to recall events of the two latest violent protests.

They must then take stock.  

Ostensibly, the violence plotters told the innocent Zimbabweans they were doing it to bring about ‘favourable change’.

But what did we see!

Shops were looted, buses burnt, non-compliant people beaten, vendors forced to stay at home while robots were vandalised, among other atrocities.

Above all, lives were lost.

What then was achieved besides taking our development backwards and leaving a number of families bereaved.

Further protests will only mean destruction of more properties and infrastructure, with the possibility of more bereavement.

Therefore this planned uprising has to be nipped in the bud.

We know that one of the fundamental functions of any government is the maintenance of law and order. 

While there is freedom of expression, association and peaceful protest, these freedoms should never be allowed to infringe on other people’s rights. 

That is why we are solidly behind Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Ambassador Cain Mathema for warning of  “…both pre-emptive and remedial…” measures to ensure law and order prevail. 

True, we are going through a very difficult period as austerity measures bite.

Unfortunately these may be necessary birth pangs before our economy turns the corner.

MDC Alliance treasurer-general David Coltart has been brave enough to confess  that even if their leader, Chamisa, were to become the president today, he is not capable of transforming the economy in a short period.

Zimbabweans are therefore called upon to be patient.

Violence does not pay and should never be contemplated as means of facilitating the transformation of our economy.


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