Violence is never a solution


EDITOR – LET’s not make mistakes comrades, even if our grievances are legitimate.
However, resorting to violence is a destructive way of expressing ourselves.
Engaging in violent activities is not only traumatic to victims of violence, but disastrous and tarnishes the image of our society.
Wanton destruction of our fellow citizens’ property won’t solve the economic and political crisis we find ourselves in. 
Coming to our highly decorated police force; people let’s not provoke the police. However, we need to be addressed on the economic handicap we find ourselves in. We need lasting solutions.
We can’t hide behind ‘sanctions’ and fail to deliver.
We should be frank – let’s stop blaming Ian Smith and the West for what is happening now.
Let’s do what will propel our nation to dizzy heights.
We have the minerals, industries, parastatals, land and infrastructure.
We let US$15 billion slip through our fingers and we blame the West?
We have to move away from the mentality of blaming others where we fail.
The subversion in ZANU PF, the incessant factionalism within the Party and consequently Government; the continued imposing of provincial leadership surely will lead to more chaos, anarchy and pandemonium.
Toboka kuti iswi kuMatabeleland South; we refused and shall vehemently resist to be dragged by the nose into factionalism.
Kwebewa nezwimilo.
In my own capacity, I denounce unconstitutional ways, violence and lawlessness.
If we are to demonstrate, and permission is granted by the police, let’s do so peacefully, otherwise no demos.
The infrastructure we destroy and cars we dismantle belong to our brothers and sisters.
We must be principled people.
If we believe the Presidium needs to get our messages, let’s send the message in a civilised manner.
In return, we expect a civilised response from the leadership.
We must work on rebuilding the country.
Let’s appease the spirits of our ancestors by doing right.

Philasande Mandla Malinga,


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