Warning to artistes


EDITOR – I AM genuinely worried about the trend of businesspersons who are donating top of the range cars to either struggling or successful musicians as good Samaritans at the expense of their workers who are spending months without pay.
The likes of Jah Prayzah, Soul Jah Love, and Gift Amuli have their top-of-the-range gifts from various business people.
They have been all over the press, but my advice to our artistes is that they should scrutinise the motives of these businesspersons.
Strange things are happening these days such that it wouldn’t be a surprise if some of these businesspeople are backing these gifts with juju.
I am not trying to scare our artistes, but just telling them to be careful.
Maybe these businesspersons are donating these posh cars just to gain mileage, but zvimwe zvacho zvinovhundutsa. Shuwa shuwa havana kana hama dzirikutambura?
I hope these musicians are not being used because they might inevitably end up paupers, mari dzichienda kumabhizimusi evamwe.
Not to be outdone are some prophets who are using our artistes to spruce up their churches’ images.
I still wonder how Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria ended up at Magaya’s PHD.
Look at what is now happening to pole dancer, Beverly Sibanda who made headlines after being ‘converted’ and given a shop to run by Magaya.
She’s back!
I can’t wait to hear from PHD.



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