Wars and political disasters created by the British: Part Two


BY the 1900s the British were a colonial power of some sort in theMiddle East.
They were the foreign power over the oil Arab states such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates etc. It is therefore always important to remember that whatever actions the British took in the Middle East were motivated by their desire to safeguard their oil and strategic interests in that region. And so it was not surprising to find the English (vachiti gumbo mumba gumbo kunze paukama hwavo nemaJudha nemaArabs) playing the Jews and Arabs against each other and in the end reaping very rich rewards indeed.
We must always remember that when the British arrived in the Middle East as a colonising power there was no “Arab – Israel” conflict as we know it today. But once they got stuck in that oil rich area, they began to sow the seeds that eventually brought about the political disasters and wars that have since arisen due to the so-called “Arab – Israeli” conflict. This they achieved through their creation of states for Arabs and another for the Jews deriving their motivation from historical times.
“In late 1917, the British army drove the Turks out of Southern Syria and the British Foreign Minister Lord Balfour sent a public letter to Lord Rothschild, a leading member of his party and leader of the Jewish community. It stated that the British Government viewed with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people! The letter provided the British Government with a pretext for claiming and governing the country.
In the long run the British were given what was called a “Mandate” to run Palestine (the present land of Israel and the Palestinians) from 1920 – 1948. The home that the British were talking about was for Jews that had migrated to Europe, in ancient times but were no more wanted in Britain and Europe.
By the time the British mandate ended in 1948, the United Nations had made a resolution through British persuasion for the creation of “an Independent Arab state, an independent Jewish state and the City of Jerusalem”. But “neither Britain nor the United Nations Security Council took any action to implement it”. And so the British left the scene without finalising the matter of the two states. Nobody knew whether they were coming or going.
It did not therefore surprise anyone when war broke out between the Jews and Arabs in 1948. It was meant to be anyway. And since then it has been war after war between Arabs and Jews up today.
African Historians have really found it pretty difficult to understand why only the migrant Jews in Europe had to be found a home back in the Middle East. Don’t forget, when the Jews dispersed from Palestine in the old days they did not migrate to Europe only. A lot more Jews went elsewhere in Africa and Asia.
But no government in Africa or Asia ever contemplated sending these people back to Palestine.
The Jews were welcomed especially in Africa with open arms and are today great citizens of their respective countries. It then boggles the mind why after centuries the Europeans decided to send the Jews back to Palestine.
The European Jews were chased away from Europe purely for racist reasons. All this pretence today by the British and other Westerners that they have created Israel because of their love for the Jews is a big lie.
They are using the “Arab-Israel” conflict to destabilise the Middle East so that the Western powers taking advantage of the confused situation can reap oil rewards from the region.
If the oil wells in the Middle East dry up tomorrow, the so-called Arab – Israel conflict will be gone. India is the same story.
“In 1617, the British East India Company was given permission by Emperor Jahangar to trade in India. By the 1850s the East India Company controlled most of the Indian sub-continent which included present day Pakistan and Bangladesh. The British policy was always summed up as “Divide and Rule”. For example using religion as a tool, the British in 1905 decided to divide the huge province of Bengal which from time immemorial had always operated as one, into two parts. One part was given to Moslems and the other for Hindus. This division caused a lot of violence amongst religious groups which had not existed before.
And so in 1911, Bengal had to be reunited. However, this setback did not stop the British from formenting trouble using divide and rule tactics. For example, when the British built a large Indian army whose senior officers were all British they, however, recruited most of the soldiers from minority groups e.g. Gurkas from Nepal and Sikhs. This was meant to pit the Indian army at Independence against the majority population.
Furthermore it was meant to send the wrong message that the minority groups taken on board in the army were the only people in India capable of being good soldiers whilst the rest of the population were dumb.
In the end the British crafted the mother of all divide and rule tactics when they granted independence to India in 1947. All throughout their rule in India the British had run the country India as a unitary state, without Pakistan or Bangladesh. But on granting independence to the country they partitioned the country into the Union of India and the Dominion of Pakistan.
This division was based on religion. And yet all along the two religious groups in the unitary state of India had tolerated each other quite well and no major trouble had ever arisen between them. Now with the partition on religious lines “rioting broke out between Sikhs Hindus and Muslims leaving some 500 000 dead. Also this period saw one of the largest mass migrations ever recorded in modern History with a total of 12 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims moving between the newly created nations of India and Pakistan”.
A political disaster had been created.Today when trouble breaks out between India and Pakistan therefore people should not be fooled to think that this is due to the fact that Hindus of India and Moslems of Pakistan are eternal enemies as British propaganda tells us. This is due to the divide and rule tactics used by the British when they partitioned India at Independence. Also we must always know that the so called “Arab – Israel” conflict was created by the British and other Westerners and never by the Jews and Arabs.


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