We all have a duty


TIME and again we have emphasised that united we can conquer as a nation.

Our success, thus far, on the fight against COVID-19 is ample testimony to that fact.

We have silenced our critics and showed that we can achieve many great things as a country. hat does not mean we should sit on our laurels.

We have many more battles to fight.

We have many more hurdles to surmount.

The enemy is still in our midst.

It comes in different shapes and colours.

It comes with numerous strategies. Most of those strategies are designed to subdue us.

They are created to beat us into submission.

We should never tire.

We should never give up.

And we should never surrender because we are Zimbabweans.

We have repeatedly said that the enemy will never rest.

We have consistently reminded people that the enemy has an array of strategies to bludgeon us into submission.

We have never relented on telling the masses that we have a duty.

Our duty is simple; defending the gains of the liberation struggle.

We have a duty to fulfil the aspirations of the liberation struggle.

We have a duty to pursue unity of purpose.

We have a duty to drive the empowerment agenda.

We have a duty to promote development.

We have a duty to create a peaceful environment for every citizen of this country.

We will never tire of driving those ideals because we know no other home.

This country is home and home is where life is.

Zimbabwe is our country and it is and should be everyone’s duty to defend and protect it.

Even those who attack us are bound by those same ideals and values.

They will never deter their acolytes from doing the same because they have an agenda.

And that agenda has never changed from the time they illegally occupied our land.

They are after our land.

They drool over our resources.

They gloat over our suffering.

They do not see us as people worthy of a decent life.

They thrive in manipulating us. They revel in dividing us.

They take pride in exploiting both our land and our people.

This is where we should always come together.

This is where we should always unite.

This is where we should never create room for divisions. We should negate any forms of divisions.

We should put our country first.

We should always remind each other about our past.

We should never allow anyone to make us forget that glowing past.

We should take pride in being Zimbabwean and revel in what we have.

We should never take our eyes off the ball, but remain focused on the ethos of the liberation struggle.

This is our home.

This is our land.

And these are our resources.

We should always and forever jealously guard these.

Let us always not be distracted by the many sideshows that we see everywhere.

The opposition can be homegrown.

It can also help drive the national agenda.

It can be attendant to the national question.

It should never be accosted to pursue ideas that are alien to our aspirations.

We all have a duty.

And our duty is to push for the development of our country.


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