We are Africans not Europeans …it is time they left us alone



He had struggled, with his countrymen, and triumphed against Belgian colonialism. On June 30 1960 he became the country’s first Prime Minister; its first ever African ruler since many years of Belgian colonialism. 

Those who had milked the Congo of its vast riches for many years could not accept that this looting and plunder had come to an end, rather, his life had to end and, with it, the independence of the Congo.

The Western cohorts engineered a coup through their CIA agent Mobutu Sese Seko. They deposed and arrested Lumumba, later engineering his murder.

“Lumumba and his two former ministers were flown to Katanga on January 17 1961 while being beaten so badly that the pilot warned the violence was threatening the flight,” wrote De Witte.

The beating continued late into the night when a firing squad executed them.

“The execution was commanded by Belgian Captain Julien Gat and Belgian Police Commissioner Frans Verschurre, who had overall command.“ (De Witte: 2001). 

Later, they ordered his body be dissolved in acid.

In a letter to his wife just before he was murdered, Lumumba reveals why it was an emergency for the West to get rid of him:

“But what we wanted for our country — its right to an honorable life, to perfect dignity, to independence with no restrictions — was never wanted by Belgian colonialism and its Western allies, who found direct and indirect, intentional and unintentional support among certain high officials of the United Nations, that body in which we placed all our trust when we called on it for help….”

But what brought out the worst brutality in his enemies from the West is his deepest love for his people:

“… whether dead or alive, free or in prison by order of the colonialists, it is not my person that is important. What is important is the Congo, our poor people whose independence has been turned into a cage, with people looking at us from outside the bars, sometimes with charitable compassion, sometimes with glee and delight. But my faith will remain unshakable. I know and feel in my very heart of hearts that sooner or later my people will rid themselves of all their enemies, foreign and domestic, that they will rise up as one to say no to the shame and degradation of colonialism and regain their dignity in the pure light of day.

I want my children, whom I leave behind and perhaps will never see again, … to fulfill the sacred task of rebuilding our independence, our sovereignty…”

Once they had eliminated him and their agent was in power, the looting of the Congo resumed unabated.

Through Mobutu, for 32 years, the West unleashed a litany of terror against the Congolese people so that they would ever be so demoralised, demobilised they could never rise from their ashes and reinstate themselves as masters of their Congo as they had fought for with Lumumba.

Any efforts by the Congolese to remove Mobutu and return to a dignified meaningful life was brutally put down with the aid of the West.

Mobutu looted the national treasury to the tune of US$5 billion, totally impoverishing the people while the West siphoned the country’s natural resources as if the Congo was their backyard.

But the Congolese never gave up; they fought on until they succeeded. 

Laurent Kabila and his ADF was their triumph, they defeated and replaced Mobutu as President of the DRC in 1997. 

Thus ended 32 years of Western-sponsored reign of terror.

For the last 22 years, the Congolese, under Laurent Kabila first and then Joseph Kabila, have been struggling to rebuild this vast rich country; the size of western Europe torn by strife and a myriad of problems engendered and engineered by the 32 years of Western sponsored devastation and terror under Mobutu. 

When the West fights you, they cripple you so that you may never stand again and be free of them, but the Congolese have been heroic, though beset by so many problems, they are still fighting on.

But the West has never forgiven Kabila and his party, the stumbling block to their perpetual looting of the DR Congo.

They castigate Joseph Kabila for having stayed in power for 17 years but they never castigated Mobutu for destroying the country for 32 years because he was their instrument for siphoning the Congo’s wealth and subjugating the people so that they would never rise against the West. 

After 17 years, Joseph Kabila announces he is stepping down and elections are called for and there is an orgy of celebration from the West. 

They see another opportunity to impose their frontman on the Congolese; there are torrents of vilification against Kabila and his party; they proclaim their frontman Martin Fayulu to be the people’s favourite, their popular choice… Since when has the people’s choice ever been the same as the choice of the West? 

Patrice Lumumba was the people’s choice, but they shamelessly murdered him. 

Why would the West be at the side of the Congolese people in 2019, when they murdered their hero, their champion in 1961 and replaced him with their terrorist against the people, Mobutu? 

The people and the West have never had common friends because their interests are diametrically opposed.

During the elections, they drummed up a frenzy across the Western globe, insisting that Kabila was ready to seize power by manipulating the vote and civil unrest was imminent. 

They even set up evacuation planes in a nearby country in readiness to airlift their citizens in view of this ‘explosive’ situation. 

Who in this world does not know who engineers civil unrest, who does not know that the West takes advantage of the poverty they create to buy people starved of ‘hard currency’ to cause mayhem by parroting the ‘grievances’ of the West? 

We have seen it all over the world; we have seen it here in Zimbabwe — the ink is not yet dry on their latest evil machinations in our country.

And when Kabila’s party did not win and Felix Tshisekedi, who is not their favourite, won the presidential elections, they were caught unawares, but they still made enough noise: ‘He is Kabila’s friend, he has been bought by Kabila, he is in a deal with Kabila, Kabila will rule through him’, they ranted, as if Kabila was the devil himself.

We are Africans, not Europeans, we have our own continent ,separate from Europe, we have an inalienable right to man and master our own destiny. 

Western Europe is after us because of its insatiable greed. Enough is enough; we have had enough martyrs for our cause in Lumumba, Hebert Chitepo and thousands others. It is time they left us alone. 

“We are against no one, but rather are simply against domination, injustices and abuses. These injustices and the stupid superiority displayed by the colonialists are causes of the drama of the West in Africa” (Lumumba: 1961).

Joseph Kabila (2019) is right to call for a grand coalition of progressive forces against the predators who eternally are after the country’s vast wealth.


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