We are our own saviours


OUR country is faced with two poignant issues which need to be urgently addressed.

First is the obsession with everything foreign.

We have now become a nation which looks outside for solutions to internal problems.

This is in particular reference to the call for foreign mediation in the ongoing National Dialogue process.

Let us face it, what we have is a situation that requires, and calls for, our collective input as locals.

There is this myopic thinking by some in our midst that we have a political crisis because that is what they want the situation to be.

We do not have a political crisis in the country.

What we have is the answer that was provided for on July 30 2018.

Any lingering political questions are solved and attended to through the ballot, not through rallies or press conferences.

The people of Zimbabwe spoke on that historic day and they have duly moved on from the political activities associated with elections to firmly focus on the economy.

In the coming few weeks, they will throng to tobacco auction floors to sell their golden leaf and collect handsome revenues.

Soon after July 30 2018, miners went back to their devices; to put into the national coffers foreign currency that is driving the economy.

Soon after July 30 2018 the new Government embarked on a trajectory that will pave way for the future we all want.

It has admittedly been a bumpy road, but soon, the storm will be over and we will all reap the rewards from that effort.

Collective effort if I must add!

The economic reforms being pursued point towards prosperity.

Yet, despite the pinch that is being felt from these reforms, there has been visible progress on the ground.

Roads are being rehabilitated.

Serious support is being given to entrepreneurs.

Surely, all that cannot happen in an economy that is said to be in a crisis.

An economy in crisis stagnates.

It simply does not move.

In all these efforts, one feature stands out prominently; that this has been the collective effort of Zimbabweans.

We are yet to receive foreign support in all these endeavours.

That is the spirit of unity that we have constantly and consistently talked about. 

The spirit of development.

The spirit of progress.

The spirit of empowerment.

This is the spirit we should imbue our youths with, especially those who are going back to tertiary institutions under these compelling circumstances.

We should, as a country, develop a fund to cater for both those who are going back to various colleges and those who are hamstrung by lack of funds.

This fund should be able to cushion them from the various challenges bedevilling our economy.

They are the future, our future.

I believe that this is yet another problem that can be attended to, locally.

We can, together, as a country, come up with a funding model that will cater for the future of the country.

This does not need the support of outsiders.

It requires our collective input as a nation.

After all, we are our own saviours!


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