We are the future


OUR greatest asset as a nation has been our ability to weather the storm.

We have broken barriers.

We have conquered where it matters most.

Because of that attribute, the world has set its sight firmly on us.

Part of the world aggrieved by our ideas has waged a serious war against us.

The progressive ones have since come to our rescue by joining hands with us for a good reason.

They have duly supported our cause.

We applaud those who are on our side opposing us. We wish to open their eyes and come to the party.

The table still has some seats left.

What we possess is enough to cater for everyone satisfying both us the locals and outsiders.

But naturally the expectation would be that to serve the owners of those resources first.

The masses should be at the forefront of exploiting those resources.

They should have precedence over how resources are governed and managed.

Their voice should determine how those resources are to be unearthed.

Equally, they should use those resources to develop their communities.

That should be done with the future in mind.

That should be done with knowledge that today is the future.

We should always be armed by the knowledge that we can be the next Dubai.

That we can be the future of the world.

We should command our minds to the idea that it is none but ourselves who can develop this country.

This is our home.

This is our life.

This is our future.

We say this because the threats to our well-being continue to multiply by the day.

Emanating from all angles.

Erupting from all over.

We have taken pride from the fact that we defeated the enemy.

Yet that alone is not enough.

There is much to be done.

The people are still suffering.

Livelihoods are being nudged by concerted efforts from outside.

How we cushion ourselves from those challenges is entirely up to us.

How we get rid of those challenges is up to us.

We need to make good use of our abundant resources.

We need to translate what we have to something tangible; something that can improve people’s livelihoods.

Something that can bring smiles to the faces of the suffering majority.

Something that can give meaning to the masses.

We need to make good use of our land so that we can produce for the majority.

We cannot go hungry with all the vast land at our disposal.

This country cannot die.

This country cannot be killed by hostilities from enemy governments.

This country cannot be killed by sanctions. 

If anything, the aggression from outsiders should make us strong.

The concerted efforts by our enemies should make us strong.

They should give us the strength to do what is right.

 And the right thing is to fight for our country, to defend us from enemy aggression.

We should defend our land.

We should protect our resources.

And the best way to defend that land and those resources is being productive.

The best way to achieve success is fighting against corruption.

We do not need a corrupt people and society.

We need a hardworking people who are driven by the desire to develop their great country.

We do not need antagonism, we need unity.

We need to put our hearts and minds together, to fight for our people and ensure that the majority are biggest beneficiaries of our land and resources.

This will ensure the masses are happy.


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