‘We must be responsible citizens’


EDITOR — I WOULD like to applaud Government for injecting more notes and coins to help ease cash shortages.

The move by Government, to inject over a billion dollars, will definitely bring relief to the ordinary man and woman on the street.

The ordinary citizens have been heavily affected by cash shortages, with unscrupulous dealers selling cash to the desperate masses.

Without access to cash from formal channels like banks, we have been left with no choice but to buy cash from those who have access to it and in turn charge us high interest, especially EcoCash agents who have been ripping us off.

I hope Government will continue to monitor the situation and put in place measures to ensure that the money will not end up in the hands of illegal money changers.

The money should remain in the banks and be easily accessed by the public.

If cash circulates, then life becomes bearable for the man and woman on the street.

As the money comes into circulation next week, we hope the cash woes will become a thing of the past and we will have an enjoyable festive season.

I urge all Zimbabweans to act responsibly; some of the pain and hardships we endure are self-inflicted.

Christopher, Chitungwiza.


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