West left Libya in tatters


EDITOR – THERE are certain things one can’t help, but notice. When I was in college I used to read a lot about Libya.
I used to admire Muammar Gaddafi and what he used to do for his people.
Libya was highly developed and fuel was almost for free.
Their infrastructure was certainly advanced such that Libya was beyond many countries in terms of development.
I remember reading about young couples in Libya, particularly that they would be given ‘something’ by the state to begin their new lives on a high note.
Graduates would be paid accordingly even if they were not yet formally employed.
I know it seems unreal, but yes all this, it is said, was happening under Gaddafi’s leadership.
And then came the powers of destruction, robbers who came to steal, kill and destroy.
Yes, Western countries came in to enforce their so-called ‘democracy’ in Libya and led to the painful death of the once mighty Gadaffi while destroying the country, left, right and centre.
What I found wicked about the whole situation was that Western countries had begun to loot oil in Libya even before they had killed Gaddafi.
So while Gadaffi was on the run, the West were looting oil.
Isn’t that wicked?
The West no doubt left Libya in tatters.
In fact, that country will never be the same.

G. Mawoyo,
Newlands, Harare


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