What a disgusting union!


EDITOR – I MUST say I am enjoying narratives in The Patriot.
Your well-researched articles are not only informative but make interesting reading.
The way you expose the whiteman, particularly his evil deeds on us black people since time immemorial, is quite interesting.
Through your newspaper, I now know why Cecil John Rhodes decided to be buried at Matobo Hills, Njelele to be precise.
He desecrated our holy shrine and, in the process, disturbed as well as compromised our spirituality as Zimbabweans.
And there is something amiss about this Rhodes ‘fellow’.
I hear he is the first man to sign a £1 million cheque.
He had his ‘Cape-to-Cairo’ dream, which never came to pass anyway.
Diamonds and gold he had.
De Beers was founded by Rhodes too.
The Pioneer Column was funded by him.
In short, Rhodes, by proxy, was filthy rich.
However, this rich man had no wife.
He had no children too.
If he had, it wasn’t documented.
What is known, however, is that Rhodes had a ‘partner’ called Leander Starr Jameson.
This Jameson is the one who is buried beside Rhodes at Matobo Hills.
This is the same Jameson, to whom Rhodes woke up in the middle of the night and said: “Have you ever thought how lucky we are to belong to the British race, the finest flower of civilisation?”
Rhodes and Jameson were inseparable as lovers.
They ate together, trekked together and even slept together till death did them part and were eventually buried side-by-side on our holy shrine — what abomination!
Do Zimbabweans know that we have homosexuals in the name of Rhodes and Jameson who desecrated the centre of our spiritual acropolis?
Our children must be taught that homosexuality has absolutely no place in Zimbabwe.
It’s disgusting!

Mutumwa Jeffrey,
Southerton, Harare.


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