What has got into our scribes?


WE often fail to see the gifts in our hands because we are busy looking at those in the hands of others.
The above statement and feeling has been prompted by what I have seen in the media in the past weeks.
There seem to be concerted efforts to paint a gloomy picture about affairs in the country.
While it is our duty to criticise, correct, alert, highlight and warn, it is definitely not the role of the media to drive the country into the ground.
What I have noted in recent weeks is tantamount to journalistic mischief.
Of the banners I have read in the streets lately many are plain irresponsible.
Some read that the country has acquired drugs that will harm children.
Honestly how can whole institutions mandated to look after our children put them in danger, for what gains.
Obviously these screaming banners are meant to cause alarm and despondency.
There is absolutely no positivity in the negativity that is being spewed, meaning that the agenda is not to rectify, but condemn and prove that those that have lost were ‘right’.
But this is very unfortunate for all of us; we all must be past grieving now and be engaged in nation building.
That is the duty that must seize every citizen of this great nation of ours.
All of us must now be engaged in the agenda of development seeking ways to accelerate the growth of our economy that has taken a battering over the years.
And there must definitely be the spirit of the nation in our writings.
It does not matter where one is writing from as long as the pen is wielded by a Zimbabwean it must push for the development of the country and not be attempting to throw it into hell to please foreign elements that despise the current set-up.
For instance, I have never seen Iranian journalists writing negatively about Iran even scribes in the West are disciplined.
We seek no bootlickers and praise-singers; we do not need them just responsible scribes.
I concede that ours is an onerous task with numerous pressures and paths difficult to traverse.
But clearly there are many who are serving sinister agendas that have nothing to do with betterment of the country.
If we are to call a spade a spade then there is a lot of the Judas element in our media.
Many are not writing in the interest of the nation.
It is time that the media fraternity engages in self-introspection.
While we have called for cooperation and collaborations to achieve our goals it seems the media is lagging behind.
The media has a huge responsibility, one it must not take lightly.
We influence not only events but people and this we know, to repeat it is patronising.
Thus if we know the power that we wield and go on to abuse it, what does that make of us?
It makes us mercenaries, betraying the country for a few insignificant silver coins.
It makes us murderers of dreams and aspirations of the people that we purport to serve.
It makes us the most disrespectful and cruel element of our society.
We must not abuse the platforms we have and take lightly our duty.
The success of the nation is hinged on us as it is on every one.


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