What national currency really means to the people


ZIMBABWE is a sovereign state.
A people who rule themselves are called a sovereign people.
Their sovereignty is expressed through their money and their Head of State.
Britain’s sovereignty is expressed through British money and a British Head of State.
The Head of State in Britain is the Queen.
The British refer to her as their Sovereign or Crown. They also refer to their 20 shilling gold coin as a Sovereign or a Crown.
It was introduced in 1489 and last used in 1931 in England.
British money and the British Queen are one, and the same thing to the British.
The head of the Queen is on the British money.
Queen means money. Money means Queen. Crown means money. Crown means Queen. Sovereign means money. Sovereign means Queen.
The entire economic activities, labour, sweat and blood of the British including killing and looting people of other lands are reflected in their money and their Queen as emblems of their identity and pride as a sovereign people or nation.
The British Queen and British money are what the British live for and die for as a nation.
All imperialist activities of the British are carried out in the name of their Queen and for the sake of looting the wealth of other nations as reflected in their money as a British people or nation.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established by capitalist countries including Britain, the United States and France to control and regulate international monetary relations and uphold their own monies as key currencies against which the monies of other peoples or nations are measured and valued.
Examples are the US dollar, the British pound sterling and French franc.
The peoples of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and America have been conquered and looted in the name of Kings and Queens of Europe for the sake of their wealth which is reflected in European currencies as their commonwealth.
To hold European currencies in one’s hand is to hold the very best of European imperialist traditions and capitalist heritage in one’s hands.
To abandon European currencies is to threaten European imperialism and capitalist heritage. Many schools, towns, suburbs, roads, shrines and sacred places in Africa were conquered by Europe in the name of their queens, kings, princes and princesses in Europe.
Mosi-oa-Tunya was conquered and named Victoria Falls after Queen Victoria of England. Queen Elizabeth School, Victoria High School, Prince Edward School, King George Road, Jameson Hotel and several others too embarrassing to mention in this day and age in Zimbabwe, are named after queens, kings, princes, princesses and prominent personalities of Britain and Europe.
European kings, queens and rulers as Heads of State never waver from their roles as symbols of how to be European and proud to be so among peoples of other nations or races.
Their mandate is to represent the very best of European imperialist traditions and capitalist heritage in their manners, worldview and values and pass them on to their children and children’s children in European schools and other social institutions as a civilisation and heritage.
African Heads of State must take a leaf from their colonisers in their roles as symbols of their peoples’ sovereignty and wealth as reflected and expressed in their own monies or currencies as symbols or embodiments of the labour, sweat and blood of their people as a nation or a race.
African people as sovereign states cannot continue to rely on foreign currencies as truthful, faithful, just and fair expressions or representations of the wealth of the labour, inputs and skills that African people expend in the production and processing of their goods as raw materials from the bowels of the earth and soils of their land to finished products ready for sale or consumption on the shelves of the local and international markets.
Any people in the world today who do not have their own currency are not sovereign.


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