When Bennie Man didn’t ‘show up’


THERE must be a ‘jinx’ on some of the Jamaican artistes visiting Zimbabwe, particularly for the second time.
While revellers were still licking the wounds of the outcome of the Southern Africa Music Arts Festival (SAMA) which was headlined by Jamaican Busy Signal, Anthony Moses Davis, better known as Bennie Man, jetted into the country for the second time.
Just like his kith Busy Signal, Bennie Man was invited to perform for the second time in Zimbabwe.
His visit, which was part of his tour of Harare, Cape Town and Johannesburg, was a perfect time of celebrating his 44th birthday which was days before the concert.
Dubbed the ‘Unstoppable tour’, unlike Busy Signal’s SAMA tour, this time the disappointment did not come from the organisers, but from the main artiste himself – Bennie Man, the so-called ‘King of the dancehall’.
Bennie Man, who performed at Alexandra Sports Club in Harare last week, literally struggled to please revellers.
As a renowned musician celebrating 33 years in the industry, a thrilling performance was expected from him, but he just didn’t ‘show up’.
“We were expecting a great sing-along from the King of dancehall, but somehow he failed to connect with us,” said Elton from Budiriro.
It was evident from the crowd at the show that many were not amused by the Jamaican’s performance.
Some complained about how the ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ hit-maker jumped from one track to the other without giving revellers time to enjoy.
His performance was not what was expected from the King of dancehall and a Grammy award-winning musician.
He performed songs that included ‘Gimme Gimme’, ‘Feel it Boy’, ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ and ‘World Dance’, among others.
Some revellers walked out while others braved Bennie Man’s not so amusing performance so that they could see the last act by Soul Jah Love.
However, despite Bennie Man disappointing many, organisers of the show were pleased with the outcome of the show.
Dee Nosh of 2 Kings Entertainment said the show lived up to its billing.
“The Bennie Man show was a success, interesting and quite huge,” said Dee Nosh.
“We were happy to bring King of dancehall to Zimbabwe after seven years and sharing the same stage with Zim’s best artistes.
“We have lots of upcoming shows lined up locally and internationally so, as 2 Kings Entertainment, we are very happy and thank Zimbabwe for supporting us.”
Despite Bennie Man’s disappointing performance, Winky D compensated with good stage performance.
Noticeable was Winky D’s passionate performance which was filled with excitement as he engaged the crowd for a sing-along to his popular tracks such as ‘Bhebhi Rinobhowa ’, ‘Gafa Party’, ‘Twenty Five’ and ‘ Mudhara Vauya’, among others.
Dressed in all red leather eccentric attire, Winky D presented an amazing unique style as he showed the crowd he is keeping up with technology as he introduces invisible drums.
The ‘Gafa’ hit-maker scooped the title for man of the night at Bennie Man’s unstoppable tour.
Apart from the Jamaican artiste’s disappointing performance, the show highlighted the prowess of the organisers in bringing a brilliant show.
The organisers showed their capability of providing safety and entertainment to revellers.
Prominent upon reaching the venue was the stage.
The stage that was visibly spacious and beautifully decorated enabled revellers to have a clear view of the performances.
The sound system was also perfect.
There were no glitches.
“As 2 Kings Entertainment, we have learnt that missile-throwing is as a result of bad sound and poor acts,” said Dee Nosh.
Some of the local artistes who graced the event include Jah Prayzah, Soul Jah Love, Cindy Munyavi and Judgement Yard, among others.


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