Who owns the Zim-ASSET?


ZIMBABWE is a land of milk and honey.
It is a land of alluvial diamonds and rivers of gold.
Other minerals are in abundance.
Some have been discovered and stolen by white strangers.
They made themselves rich while we became poor.
Some are being discovered and mapped out by the same strangers.
They are waiting to be stolen and shipped to Europe to make their countries richer while we become poorer and reduced to paupers who beg for the money they have made from stealing our land and minerals.
Our soils are rich.
The forests are abundant with flora and fauna which give much delight and attraction to the same white strangers who come to survey our land and make further plans to steal it from us.
The descendants of the same white strangers who stole our land live in high lands above us where they breathe fresh air and drink sparkling water from our natural springs while we live in wetlands and riverbanks below them with our children and families swimming and bathing and drinking water from rivers flooded with their pollution and effluence.
Meanwhile, the whitemen are enjoying bunjee-jumping in the sacred waters of Mosi-oa-Tunya which they have defiled and renamed Victoria Falls after their Queen in England.
We bury our beloved ones in shallow graves where they lie back to back close to each other for want of land while the graves of Rhodes’ and his robbers are etched in sacred rock at Malindidzimu among our ancestors.
There is abundant wealth beneath and above the soils of our land.
No child or adult of this land would starve if we owned and controlled our land and all its wealth. Our land is not our land as yet.
We do not own or control our land and its wealth as yet.
We are in the process of doing so.
And that process is threatened with reversals.
The last we owned and controlled our land was in 1890.
That was when we lost ownership and control of our land and all its wealth to Cecil John Rhodes and robbers called the BSAP or Pioneer Column.
Our land ceased to be our land.
It became Rhodes’ land or his Personal Private Property (PPP) called Rhodesia.
Rhodesia means Rhodes’ Personal Private Property.
The PPPs are its pillars of strength.
Africans who live in it pay rent to Rhodes’ descendants as tenants in their own land.
The PPPs also mean ‘Public Private Partnership’ between Africans and Rhodes’ ancestors and descendants who described such partnership as a relationship where the African is the horse and the whiteman is the rider.
Such partnership is presented as a viable Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation for Zimbabwe called the Zim-ASSET.
This would be so because of the proposal in the Zim-ASSET for us to ‘Leverage our Land and Mineral Resources’ in order to get money from the ancestors of Rhodes and his descendants who made a lot of that money from long years of stealing the wealth of our land and minerals using us as beasts of burden in the farms and mines they robbed from us.
The reason we went to war was to reclaim our land and all its wealth from whites who inherited it from Rhodes and enjoy it as their Personal Private Property while we wallow in abject poverty chasing rats for food in our own land of milk and honey which we milk and harvest and serve them as their servants while we look on with insatiable hunger and appetite.
Any attempt to have a sip at the milk or a lick at the honey invites a ferocious whip on our backs as un-God-fearing ‘niggers’.
For the white men present themselves to us as the gods of our land.
The war of liberation helped reverse that myth and we were called terrorists for daring to challenge the white man as a god on earth and reclaim our land.
That war to reclaim our land continued to the Land Reform Programme and we were called a violent people who do not abide by the laws of the white men as the gods of our land.
And we invited their whip on our backs in the form of illegal sanctions.
But we soldiered on to win the elections of July 31, 2013 against the white man’s machinations to snare our progress.
The struggle has now progressed to a stage where we should device a programme to consolidate our ownership of our land and control of all its wealth without the burden of carrying the white man and his black cronies on our backs.
The true purpose of the Zim-ASSET, therefore, is to make sure that Zimbabwe and all its resources are placed firmly in the hands of Africans as the rightful owners, and never be allowed to slip back into the hands of Rhodes’ ancestors and descendants as their Personal Private Property or Inheritance.
To prevent this, all clauses that give room to ‘Regime Change’ and potential reversal and derailment of the ‘Land Reform Programme’ whose philosophy and agenda should be correctly understood as ‘Indigenisation’ — all such clauses whose intention is to discredit the Land Reform Programme as an economic disaster clandestinely embedded in the present form of the Zim-ASSET such as ‘Leveraging our Land and Mineral Resources’ and ‘Public Private Partnerships’ — must be seriously revisited and rectified and make sure that Zimbabwe shall never be a colony again!


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