Why despise looks given to you by God?


WHEN the Hebrews left Egypt and the waters of the Red Sea were parted before them, they crossed jubilantly and they celebrated as they saw Pharaoh’s army swept and swallowed by the sea.
They thanked God for delivering them from Egyptian bondage.
So too did we celebrate the defeat of the British armed robbers by the gallant freedom fighters and the people of Zimbabwe.
“Patakabva Igipita, rwendo takatangawo zvakanaka,
Tikabva tapinda murenje, ndimo makatangirawo nyaya.
Vana vakabarwa murenje ava, ndivo vakashungurudza Moses.” – (Mathias Mhere)
When Moses went up the mountain to receive the Commandments, and things were harsh, they made themselves idols to worship, they remembered the idol worship of the Egyptians and they turned to them with disastrous effects, they all perished in the desert, none of them were allowed to see Canaan, the Promised Land.
When the Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust (ZHT), Cde Pritchard Zhou, highlighted that African women fuel a US$7 billion false hair business because they cannot feel beautiful until they look white, he was underlining that we never did leave the Egyptian idols we had become accustomed to during the era of the British armed robbers.
It is lamentable that the Churches which are the custodians of the 10 Commandments which Moses received on Mt Sinai are not so faithful in their protection of this religious heritage.
The first Commandment demands: “I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before me.”
Cognisant of this, over the years I waited vainly to have a priest or pastor correct African women the way the head of the ZHT did.
Surely if God gave you black, curly African hair and not straight hair like that of the armed robbers who took your country at gunpoint, He knew what He was doing.
It is to deny His supremacy in your life to despise the looks He gave you and to endeavour to look like a European.
Where do these other gods come from?
To still say ah, this skin is too dark, it is not attractive, I will use skin lightening creams or tablets so I can have light skin like the Europeans is to say the Creator is at fault.
It is not only to have other gods but to dishonour one’s mother and father who originated you as an African.
It is intriguing that the Churches overlook all this?
What is behind this?
The priests, pastors, teach about everything else, but they won’t say that if one changes their identity, the identity which God gave them, then they are denying God. This is a sacred cow, untouchable.
The ZHT is still cognisant of its mission, which is to return our people to their roots, to their origins.
The Churches too are still faithful to their true mission, to be the covert counterpart of the British armed robbers.
The Churches are fully cognisant that a people who do not respect themselves cannot resist foreign domination.
They still pursue the mission of being at the forefront of cultural imperialism, so the colonial process becomes eternal.
People go to Church wearing strange foreign hair, with ‘Fanta faces’, with false white skins, with shameful mini-skirts, low necks, body tights, typical of the way women’s bodies are flaunted all over in Western Europe.
‘Tonyarirepi, tosvoderapai?’
One is violated right there in God’s house but it is still business as usual in Church, the sermons, the teachings do not seek to correct this glaring anomaly, this flagrant departure from its core mission; ‘to bring people closer to God’.
Can people truly worship when they deny themselves?
They still run schools where children are taught to worship whiteness to frightening proportions.
The culture of the schools is white, the curriculum is the same, the children imitate whites in their speech, in their mannerisms, in the way they walk, down to the slouch, in their dress, eating habits and recreation habits.
The girls are costed to behave like graduates of the French finishing school, it is like the children are begging to be accepted by the white community, the former armed robbers who were defeated nemoto weChimurenga.
The Churches are culturing generations that will never be truly Zimbabwean.
They are robbing us of heirs of Zimbabwe and that is not their Divine calling.
It is a disservice to our nation, it damages the soul of the nation and we cannot afford such massive hemorrhaging, enough of this took place during the era of the British armed robbers, there is no need for this to persist.
We won the war, enough blood was poured out for this precious land, it is time some sanity reigned.
They were hypocritical when they first came to Zimbabwe, claiming that they brought the Word of God, when in fact they were part of the covert apparatus of the British armed robbers.
They are still hypocritical today when they persist in playing a major role in the cultural erosion of our people, a critical contribution in keeping us subjugated to the British armed robbers and their relatives.
How do you come and say to a people who have their God-given country, we want to help you, we want to educate your young ones and you proceed to teach these young ones to despise their people, their history, their nation, their culture, their language, you turn them against themselves and their people and still claim to be a friend of God?
Is this the way to take care of the spiritual welfare of these children?
Who can be of God when they cannot be of themselves? We defeated the physical army of the British armed robbers, but their covert operations continue their fight to unseat us in the land of our birth.
God made each people correct as who they are, He is against the enslavement of one people by another, that is why He helped us to fight and defeat the British armed robbers, and He blessed our independence.
Pamberi neIndependence yeZimbabwe!
Let us be at peace with ourselves we are 35 years old.
Dr Mahamba is a war veteran and holds a PhD from Havard University. She is currently doing consultancy work.


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