EDITOR – EASTER is over, but I still have some burning questions about this foreign thing we somehow adopted as a people. 

My understanding is there is a certain whiteman called Jesus Christ who was killed and resurrected after three days. 

This is the same man who is said to have died for our sins, both black and white people. 

In fact, I think it doesn’t matter which race, all I know is we grew up being told Christ died for our sins and rose again. 

This is the same man on portraits in many houses. 

He is ultimately the symbol of Christianity, a religion that was used by the whiteman to oppress black people; a religion used by whites to colonise us.         

The thinking is Christ went to his father up in heaven and continues to watch over us. 

His father, they say, is God, therefore, if Christ is white, it therefore means his father is white. 

Our people now worship a white god, thanks to Christianity! Hamheno kana paine vakamborota Jesu murungu. 

Whites succeeded in their mission to take away not only our identity, but cultural and traditional values. 

Everything associated with black people, including beliefs, is regarded as evil while all that’s associated with white people is said to be good. 

Many blacks are now zombies who cant even question what Easter eggs and bunnies have to do with their Jesus who died and rose again. 

Here in Zimbabwe, we have a sad story of Christians who don’t recognise the importance of our spiritual guides, like Mbuya Nehanda, who refused to be baptised ‘in Jesus’ name’ before she was hanged. 

The same Christians don’t know that Sekuru Kaguvi accepted to be baptised ‘in Jesus’ name’ and given the name ‘Dismas’, the biblical good thief crucified alongside Jesus Christ. 

How then do we, as a people, go crazy about a religion that was part and parcel of murder and destruction of our identity as black people? 

Please help me understand Editor.




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