Why the Apocrypha was scrapped


By Simba Jama

THE traditions and cultures of numerous nations were destroyed by the Greeks.
Today we shall look at how the Greeks persecuted the blacks of Judea.
The blacks of Judea were the remaining true Israelites in that land after the dispersal of the northern kingdom of Israel to places like north and West Africa in 8th century BC.
Judea is in modern day Palestine and would be the southern most part which borders Egypt.
Between the two lands is the Sinai Peninsula (Arabian dessert).
Thus it should not be surprising that the original inhabitants of the Holy land were black as there is not even an ocean to separate Judea from Egypt.
After Alexander the so-called Greats’ death, Judea was first controlled by the Ptolemy dynasty.
By 277 BC there were only three major Hellenistic (Greek) kingdoms namely Egypt, Syria and Greece. These were all put under one administration of Antigonids between 277 and 168 BC.
Judea was later on governed by Seleucids of Syria between 198 and 142 BC.
Each of the above Hellenistic kingdoms survived until the rise of the Roman Empire in about 68BC. Under Greek rule the blacks of Judea faced their most trying times.
The experiences that these black Israelites faced at the hands of the Greeks were so gruesome that the books in which the atrocities were recorded were in the 1800s systematically removed from the modern day Bible as they projected the white man as barbaric.
It is these books that were excised from the Bible that are known as the books of the Apocrypha.
Between 175 and 164 BC, there was an evil Greek ruler called Antiochus IV Epiphanes who had no honour of royalty, but had unjustly seized power from the Seleucids who were in control of Judea.
He attacked Jerusalem and massacred many.
Antiochus IV proceeded to take from the temple all the precious ornaments made of gold and silver. Two years after this, he sent a tax collector who also massacred many Judeans and took away a lot of their wealth as spoils of war.
The houses of the black Judeans were destroyed and their walls were pulled down.
Their women and children were taken captive and the slave markets were filled with these blacks.
Their livestock was stolen.
The Greeks then proceeded to fill the land of Judea with sinful white strangers.
A lot of the Israelites fled the land and the white strangers fortified the city of David with walls.
From these walls they stalked and murdered many innocent Israelites.
Antiochus wrote to all the nations under his charge directing that all nations were to become one.
He dictated that every nation shall abandon its laws and adopt the new laws of the land dictated by himself.
The Greeks also introduced a new religion while defiling that of the Judeans.
The penalty for not following the new commandments was death and Antiochus set up officers to monitor the Israelites everywhere.
Making burnt and drink offerings was prohibited.
Observing the Sabbath Day and traditional festivals were all banned.
This forced a great number of Israelites to flee to secret places for refuge.
The Hellenists also set up altars, groves and chapels of idols in the holy shrines and the sacred places of the Israelites.
They also sacrificed swine flesh and other unclean beasts just to defile the religion of the black Judeans. This is exactly the same strategy that was adopted by Cecil Rhodes when he colonised Zimbabwe and the reason why his remains were interred at Matopo Hills where Njelele, the holiest shrine of the Mwari religion is sited.
These were the measures the Greeks took to obliterate the culture and way of life of the blacks of Judea – a culture which for centuries had been revered in the Persian Empire.
It was a culture of the chosen people of the living God.
The Greeks wished for the black Israelites of Judea to completely forget their laws and ordinances.
Not long after this, there came what was known as the ‘Abomination that caused desolation’.
This was when idol altars were built on the holy places of Jerusalem.
The books of the laws that would later make up the Bible were burnt and anyone found with them was put to death.
The Israelites had prophesied this turning point in their history and, as such, most chose to endure in their beliefs rather than convert to the religions of the white man.
As a result, many of them were ruthlessly killed.
Circumcision was outlawed and punishable by death.
People who refused to eat swine meat were killed.
The Greeks also introduced many more abominations that persuaded most of the blacks of Judea to flee to Africa and many other places.
This account of Greek misconduct and cruelty can be found in the Apocryphal books of Maccabeus.
It challenges the notion that Greeks were world civilisers and exposes them as barbarians and heathens at the time of their prime.
No wonder, therefore, why the Apocrypha was excluded from the Bible by the white man.
‘Apocrypha’ is another word for ‘apocalypse,’ which means revelations.
The likes of Daniel of the Bible had earlier on prophesied the downfall of the Persian Empire and the rise of Greece.
He dreamt of a two – horned ram which was defeated by a one – horned goat.
The ram symbolised the kingdoms of Media and Persia, while the goat symbolised Greece.
The goat first had one horn, but suddenly the horn was taken away and in its place came out four.
Alexander led Greece to victory over the great kingdom of Persia and the subsequent division of the kingdom into four on Alexander’s death was the fulfillment of Daniels prophecy, according to the Israelites.
The story of Alexander and the Greek conquests is in itself a biblical account of the Old Testament which was deliberately left out of the present day English version of the Bible possibly because of his black origins and his general liking of black people.
Western civilisation is always attributed to Greece and yet the Israelites in the Bible portray Greeks as destroyers of civilisation and heathens.
It is quite clear that whites seek to hide the facts about the history of mankind by presenting black achievements as their own.
The books that contain biblical stories of people like Alexander were censored out by the British in the 19th century.
A few centuries earlier in the 1600s, King James of England and Scotland, who was black, had translated the Bible from Hebrew, Greek and Latin into English and made it a crime punishable by imprisonment or heavy fine for anyone to publish the English Bible without the books of the Apocrypha.
Books of the Apocrypha help us understand why terms like ‘Jew’ and ‘Roman’ suddenly show up in the New Testament yet they are nowhere to be found in the Old Testament.
The black Israelites of the land of Judea were referred to as Jews in Apocryphal books like Maccabeus. The Romans were confirmed as Edomites and of the seed of Abraham and were also known as the Lacedemonians.
Because of the above reason, all the books of the Apocrypha (including the story of Alexander) are still in the Roman Catholic Bible.
The removal of the Apocrypha leaves about a 300-year gap between the last books of the Old Testament and the books of the New Testament in the English Bible.
The missing link is this story of how whites (Greeks and later the Romans) came to be world powers before the time of Yahshua (Jesus).
With the Apocryphal books included, the bible works as an almost complete historical document, documenting events stretching from the beginning of time and to the aftermath of Yahshua.
This brings us to the current era (CE) which is often marked as AD (after death) because the West started counting the years from the year Yahshua was crucified.


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