Why we must all vote


EDITOR – LET me through your newspaper enlighten Zimbabweans on how important it is to vote. With elections around the corner, everyone needs to remember that it is their right to vote and that they must exercise this right in order to develop the country. Voting into power those who prioritise the need to develop the country and empower all Zimbabweans is vital to the country’s growth. It is ideal therefore for those who have not yet gone to register to make sure that they do so immediately in order to be prepared when elections are held. Youths should be taught that this is the platform they can use to choose leaders who have the capability and passion to see them prosper. It must be remembered that this opportunity was attained for the black majority to exercise and use to better their lives through education, wealth creation and access to proper health facilities. Electoral stakeholders should actually intensify educational campaigns on the need for people to vote in the forthcoming harmonised elections. After all, as the people we are supposed to determine the country’s future through elections. Concerned citizen Norton


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