Why ZANU PF keeps on winning


POLITICS, by its very nature, is, on paper, a very complicated game.

It is a contest where ideas take precedence over everything.

It is a game where the connection between the political parties and the masses is the key that unlocks the doors to prosperity.

This is where ZANU PF always gets it right when it comes to this game.

This is why ZANU PF always excels over its opponents.

For here is a Party that drives the national agenda.

This is a Party that determines where the wind should blow.

There is a simple explanation to that supposed mystery.

The Party simply connects with the people.

The Party has not reneged on its liberation struggle promises.

The Party has given its people land.

It has given them access to the means of production.

It has given people hope and new meaning to what it means to be black and a proud owner of your land and resources.

Let us look at the recently held by-elections across the country and their import to future polls.

The victories confirm ZANU PF’s strength in the country’s provinces.

First, they demystified the notion that ZANU PF is finished as a party.

Second, winning with ease a seat which had been won by the MDC in last year’s July harmonised elections speaks volumes about the MDC Alliance’s politics.

The MDC only gets its votes from disgruntled citizenry, who are angry at the ruling Party because of the effects of sanctions.

It also reflects on the people’s faith in its ability to resolve their current challenges.

The defeats that the MDC has suffered in the council by-elections are a reflection of what will happen in the 2023 general elections.

Why is the MDC losing its feet so quickly under Nelson Chamisa’s leadership?

On a normal day, the fights within the MDC Alliance have nothing to do with the country.

They only become a cause for concern when its members start provoking Government.

They become a matter of national security when they utter treasonous statements.

Peace-loving citizens of this great country become concerned when their security is threatened by treasonous statements from that end.

That is not the country we want.

That is certainly not how to build a nation.

A nation is founded on grounds of peace, unity and stability.

Using rallies to provoke Government is unacceptable.

Rallies must be used as platforms to unite people, not divide them.

This is why people in Bikita rejected the MDC Alliance.

It is true that the country is going through economic hardships.

But because of the bond between ZANU PF and the masses, they know that this is a passing phase.

They are acutely aware they have land to till.

They are aware they have mines to exploit.

They are aware they have national resources to exploit. 

No matter the hardships, the people stand with their Party for a reason.

It is the Party of prosperity.

It is the Party of unity.

It is the Party of development.

It is the Party that carries the nation’s hopes.

ZANU PF must build on its recent success in those by-elections to develop the country.

2023 is just around the corner!

Those who are for peace know the path to greatness.


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