William ‘Bill’ Cooper: Part One…..a Freemason who questioned the system


THE struggle for justice and equality has been mostly associated with black individuals and movements.
Even the consequential martyrdom that victimises the revolutionaries has mostly been associated with blacks such as Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Malcom X and Martin Luther King, among others.
However, it is important to realise that there are some non-blacks and even whites who disdain oppression and injustice. After all, the bottom line, regardless of skin colour is that right is right and wrong is wrong.
In the US, most whites stood back when Marcus Garvey’s Garveyites, Elijah Muhammad’s Muslims, Ben Ammi’s Hebrew Israelites and Huey Newton’s Black Panthers respectively faced up against the US Government in their quest for freedom and emancipation.
The US Government through media propaganda has always managed to isolate the revolution and present it as black.
This allowed them to deal with the key figures in the black community by way of imprisonment, assassination and deportation without upsetting the rest of the social groups who ironically, have the same interests in wishing to not have their human rights violated.
One whiteman, William Cooper aka ‘Bill’, stands out in this scenario.
This man stood and fought for rights for all, even the nations that were being victimised by the US Government whether militarily through war or diplomatically through sanctions. Bill believed each man and nation had a right to be free and should not be oppressed and for this he was eventually assassinated in very much the same fashion that the likes of Fred Hampton were killed.
Bill was patriotic and loved his country, but as he grew up, he got into many positions that exposed him to the lies and hypocrisy perpetrated by the US Government.
He grew up in a 32nd degree Freemason family that automatically gave him an opportunity to be a high ranking officer if he were to join the navy, air force, army or intelligence services.
His father was an air-force colonel and command pilot and thus Bill grew up travelling to US military bases around the world and was very much influenced by his father along with his colleagues.
Bill ended up becoming an air-force pilot for four years. Afterwards he became a navy seal. He served in Vietnam and unfortunately died before releasing a book about his exploits in Vietnam.
In the navy, he became an intelligence officer and scored what he called ‘fat cat duty’, owing to its comfortableness.
One of his tasks was to prepare intelligence briefings for the commander and chief of the Pacific fleet of marines.
There he was exposed to top secret information that would totally change his perception of the world.
Bill had been indoctrinated to become a blindly loyal US militant but began to question the whole system.
He also noticed that most of the navy intelligence officers were either 32nd or 33rd degree Freemasons.
When he asked his colleagues why, they said it was because Freemasons are secretive by code and thus make for good intelligence officers.
With this background, Bill knew many things. For example, the truth to J.F. Kennedy’s assassination, plots by the US to create a one world totalitarian government, proof of the existence of extraterrestrial beings and plots against minority groups, among other very sensitive information.
He also read the US contingency plans which would be tripped if the public sector got too close to the classified truth and evidence.
The contingency plans were logical explanations set up to keep the classified truth out of the public’s knowledge.
In 1976, Bill started to speak out on the hypocrisy and lies of the US leadership and revealed many hidden truths.
Before long, he got assaulted and threatened by security officers and as a result, agreed to remain silent.
His skull caved in and his leg broke during the two assaults.
Sixteen years later, he saw a publication running one of the contingency plans he had read about word-for-word.
They made use of reputable publishers and this gave the public reason to think it was absolute truth. Bill then rejuvenated his efforts to expose the truth and started writing books that he would send, by way of mail, to random members of the public.
He even mailed his books overseas and this project cost him over US$27 000.
He also began staying in the public in order to avoid isolated capture and consequent abuse or even assassination.
The content of his books were eye-opening.
One of his stories were on J.F.K.
According to the information Bill came across as an internal security specialist, J.F.K. was becoming a threat to the New World Order for the following reasons:
l He had written an executive order for the Government to start printing its own money instead of the Federal Reserve which was enslaving the economy.
l He refused to authorise air support during the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba which led to its failure.
l He also threatened to disband the CIA which was originally formed to serve the Federal Reserve in identifying and capturing counterfeiters of the US currency.
l Bill exposed that the assassination of J.F.K. was agreed upon by what he called the Secret World Government and was carried out by the US secret service.
l He also said that the shooter was in fact the driver of the vehicle who fired an air gun with a poisoned shell on a very public scene in Dallas.
The man who was arrested for the assassination denied the charge and was said to have been an innocent bystander when the killing took place.
The man had been set up to be present because he had a criminal record of killing a police officer. Not surprising the wrongly accused was assassinated before he could testify and thus sealing the case as solved.
Bill spoke saying the people behind these ambitions to take over the world and had successfully infiltrated the US Government, were secret society Freemasons.
They had convinced the US citizens that it makes sense for them to send their children to make war in foreign nations as a way of serving the country. In reality, they wished to dominate the world’s population and impose a system of governance which subjugates the populous and benefits the elite.
It would be a one world totalitarian Government which no one would like, except the people running it. Already many African and Asian nations can testify to this domineering imposition of systems of governance by the US. Failure to do so has led to hostility via isolation, sanctions and war.
Bill exposed that they had a plan since the 1940s to debunk, ridicule, imprison or assassinate people who challenged their interests. This confirmed the allegations that many black activists had against the US Government. Bill did not stop at writing books, but became a short wave radio presenter and shared his thoughts and discoveries with a growing audience.
Staying in public helped him in terms of protection. He taught that the people of the secret societies rationalise everything they do and if people do not scrutinise their information, they are being fooled.
One of his most memorable sayings was: “A world of people who do not use their intelligence is no different to animals who do not have any intelligence.”
Bill began calling the ignorant majority ‘sheeple’ because they simply followed their leaders as sheep follow shepherds, even though their leaders had bad motives.
The United Nations, according to Bill, was a vehicle which was designed to ensure that these secret societies have their plans executed on an international scale.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has taken the role of targeting and executing activists outside of the US.
Bill also exposed that there were documents, including one called ‘M.K. Naomi’, filed under biological warfare.
This document was to do with targeting undesirable populations such as blacks, Hispanics and gays and destroying them by way of AIDS, cancer, drugs and so on as a way of population control.
These were things that blacks had suspected through experiencing them and were now being confirmed as secret service plots.


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